Wanted Criminal Confesses

….of taking over US$100k

MONROVIA-After nearly one year of an international manhunt for Francis S. Fayiah, an employee of Mano Manufacturing Company (MANO), he was finally arrested in Ghana by Ghanaian security and subsequently turned over to the Liberia National Police on May 10, 2023.

Fayiah was later taken to the Monrovia city court for prosecution. Defendant Francis Saah Fayiah was a salesman of the Mano Manufacturing Company (MANO) where he allegedly received goods valued at USD$106,427,00 (One Hundred-six thousand, four hundred-twenty-seven dollars United States Dollars) to be delivered to customers, collect the amount of said goods and report same to management. But in early July 2022, when he delivered the goods to three counties; Bong, Margibi and Nimba, he did not report the amount but decided to flee the country.

After a series of search, an award of US$5,000(Five thousand United States dollars) was put out for his arrest.  He met his unfortunate time when he attempted to leave Ghana for Ivory Coast at Elubo(the border between Ghana and Ivory Coast).

Upon his return on May 10, 2023, he was charged for duping his employer of over one hundred thousand United States dollars. So,  the Liberia National Police on  May 12, 2023, forwarded defendant Francis Saah Fayiah to the Monrovia City Court for onward prosecution.

The defendant was later escorted to the Monrovia Central Prison by the sheriff of the Monrovia City Court after he failed to secure a valid criminal appearance bond that could guarantee his release while the trial is ongoing.

Defendant Francis was charged with the commission of the crimes: theft of property, criminal conspiracy, and misapplication of entrusted property, a second-degree felony under Liberian laws.

The alleged act is a violation of Chapter 15 subchapter “D’ section 15.51, chapter 10 Section 10.4, and Chapter 15.56 defendants.

According to the police charge sheet, defendant Francis and his associates (who are still at large) converted the money into their own use, at which time he (Francis) absconded to Ghana.

The charge furthered that during the investigation, the defendant admitted to the allegation levied against him in the presence of his legal counsel, Atty, Anthony Kromah.

The charge quoted the defendant as saying he divided the money among five other co-workers: Francis Saah Fayiah-USD$ 20,000.00, Bangalee Sheriff (TRUCK DRIVER)-USD$ 10,000.00, Josephus Hinneh-USD$10,000.00, Hassan Yousef-USD$ 8,000.00, Christian Wleh-USD$ 3,000.00 and Joseph Momo-USD$ 10,000.00

The police charge furthered: “Defendant Francis Saah Fayiah and others criminally, intentionally, and willfully without fear, committed the crimes of theft of property, criminal conspiracy and misapplication of entrusted property in violation of chapter 15, subchapter “D” section 15.51, chapter 10 section 10.4 and chapter 15.56.”

At the cord of the case, the government lawyer made a submission requesting that the honorable court kindly inform defendant Francis of his constitutional rights, as required by law since that was his first appearance before the Magistrate.

The application was granted by the court which later informed the defendant of his constitutional right to a legal counsel of his choice; that the defendant may elect to remain silent as any admission made by him may be used by the court against him;

The crimes though being a felony of the second degree is billable, but a surety bond which is twice the amount needs to be secured. the defendant was also informed that he has the right to file bail consistent with the law.

Following the reading of his constitutional rights by Magistrate Ben Barco, the State prayed for a continuance so as to enable the defendant to be represented by his legal counsel.

The matter being highly criminal in nature, the prosecution further prays the court to ensure that the defendant has a valid bond consistent with the gravity associated with the alleged charge, failure to do so, he must be detained at a common jail.

Similarly; said request was again granted by the Court thereby adjourning the matter to resume at an unannounced date at which time the defendant will fully be represented by a lawyer of his choice as he has intimated to this court.

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