WAEC Admits Error in Results

The Monrovia Office of the West African Examinations Council ((WAEC) has recognized that its system responsible for result checking developed a slight system error and has ensured a swift  correction of said error.

The Management of WAEC is cognizant that candidates who have checked their individual results have on their online results “Division I,” as a result of the error. We are pleased to inform you that efforts have been exerted and the system is now running properly, and that candidates can begin rechecking their results, as the error has been resolved.

WAEC wishes to therefore clarify that there is no such thing as Division I, II, and III on its examinations since the introduction of WASSCE in 2018, as candidates are eligible for certificates in any number of subjects they pass in.

The Management of the Council’s Monrovia Office sincerely apologizes to its stakeholders, the candidates, and the public for the inconveniences experienced as a result of the system error and recommits her pledge to quality service delivery to beneficiaries of her services.

A the same time, authorities of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) has withheld one thousand, seven hundred and ninety -nine candidates results.

 According to the WAEC authorities, results for some candidates and in some instances, all candidates from some schools are being withheld pending further investigation and determination by the appropriate committee of the Council.

The One thousand, seven hundred and ninety-nine (1,799) candidates’ results are being withheld for their involvement in four types of examination malpractice that included individual caught with cell phone, individual caught with foreign materials, irregular activities, the insult or assault on examination workers.

WACE Authorities further disclosed that candidates involved with individual examination malpractices on WASSCE for school candidates 18 of them were caught with cell phones. WACE added that 1,482 candidates were caught with foreign materials including 282 candidates for irregular activities while 17 candidates who insult or assault on examination workers.

WACE also disclosed that 730 schools were caught in collusion affecting 46,529 candidates of the 2023 WESSCE, in-building the unacceptable photos about 28 schools with 2,266 candidates respectively.

WACE further disclosed that the overall performance of the candidates at the passing rate of at least a subject on the examination is encouraging as compared to their counterparts who sat the same examination in 2022. Nine subjects were offered on the examination with the Arts candidates sitting for seven of the nine subjects while the Science candidates sat a minimum of eight of the nine subjects.

 Additionally, WAEC revealed that thirty (30) candidates comprising nine (9) males and twenty-one (21) females from four (4) schools in two (2) counties obtained a minimum of five credit passes inclusive of English Language and Mathematics on the examination.


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