VP Taylor unhappy

MONROVIA-Liberia’s vice president Jewel Howard Taylor has threatened to take the law into her hands if anyone enters her house and rapes her grandchild.

Madam Taylor’s assertion was based on the increased number of rape cases within Montserrado county and other parts of the country.

According to her, it is unacceptable for older men to rape children at the ages of zero to 16years.

She made the statement Monday on  State radio in Paynesville.  She continued: “there is a need for capital punishment for those who will rape children under age, especially babies. There is a need for parents to focus on their children as a means of protecting them.”

Chief Taylor indicated that parents should not allow their children to go out without them knowing who they are going to visit. She further described those who rape as heartless men.

That the legal process is slow, beginning with the police report.

“I’m not going to the police if you come in my house and rape my grandchild,” VP Taylor indicated.

She said community leaders and residents have a role to play in addressing the wave of rape cases within the communities.

The Strong female political leader and women advocate said community residents need to get involved in building a mentorship program for the younger ones within their communities.

According to her, the bigger boys within the communities need to take care of the younger boys and the bigger girls take care of the younger girls by mentoring them as well as teaching them those valuable things about their experience and personal growth.

She said with the community taking the center stage to protect their children from being raped, will help to address the sanitation regarding those heartless men who are involved in raping children.

“We have tried with the law and is not working; let us try with the family to stop the issue of rape,” she said.

The vice president further informed the public that it is vital for the community to take responsibility for addressing the issue of rape and other gender Base violence within the communities.

She further said men are killing their wives and raping children; indicating that the community should be concerned about the children’s protection and upbringing.

VP Taylor said the issue of rape prevention has nothing to do with human rights within the community and homes.

“In my house, there are no human rights, mothers have to play their role in protecting their children, let’s stop rape before it takes place,” she said.

Vp Taylor urged parents not to give too much freedom to their children, especially the females.

She disclosed that the government is making progress in addressing the issue of rape.

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