VP Taylor Scapegoats CPP Sen. Moye

By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

Bong County- Over the incompletion of the Gbenequellah Clinic in Electoral District#2 in Bong County, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has scapegoated CPP Senator Prince Moye of being responsible in the County.

Speaking at a Press conference recently in the County, Vice President Taylor alleged that Senator Moye by then Representative of the District fought her to undermine the dedication of the Clinic while she was still senator.

According to VP Taylor, each time she tried to allot funding for the opening of the Clinic Senator Moye by then Representative of the District took said money from the budget, because he ( Moye) didn’t want the clinic to be open to the public.

VP Taylor said when she was serving as Senator for the County, former Representative was fighting her, because he (Moye) was from the ruling establishment and Co-chair on the budget committee of the House of Representatives.

The Liberian Vice President Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor said the former Representative of the District now Senator  hugely contributed to the under development of the District, through the denial of the citizens in accessing development from her as Senator of the County by then.

The first female Vice President said Senator Prince K. Moye by then Representative of the District used his  connection with the ruling establishment to deny his own citizens the needed development in the District and the County at large.

“Sen. Moye by then Representative used the Gbenequellah clinic project as a political tools to undermine my effort in the completion of the Gbenequellah clinic,”  Vice President Taylor noted.

Additionally, she said if a son of the solid who comes from the District refused to allow money to be allotted for the opening of the clinic; she shouldn’t be held responsible, because she fought very hard to complete the clinic, but Moye undermine the opening of the clinic which has caused serious setback for the citizens in District#2, Bong County.

However, Vice President Taylor has assured the citizens of Gbenequellah that she’s working on a plan to recondition the clinic, so that it can be open to the public in the District.

She further revealed that there’s pending project by the government of Liberia through the Liberia Community Empowerment Agency which they will be construction or building a hospital in the area, because of the distance the citizens in the District over on a daily basis to access health care in the County.

When contacted Senator Prince K. Moye through text messages it prove fruitless, because he refused to respond or commitment on the matter.

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