VP. Taylor gets new job

By:Washington Tumay Watson -onewash9@gmail.com

MONROVIA Liberia’s Vice President, Jewel Howard Taylor has gotten a new  position in the body of Christ.

Madam Taylor along with other members of the Church, were inducted recently as the Chairperson of the Board of Trustee of the Restoration Baptist Ministries in Congo Town.

Those inducted including Jewel Howard Taylor Chairperson , Robert Beer Co-Chairperson , Theophilus Dundas , Kulah Passawy –Scott , Augustine Manoballaw, Abel Fahn , Charistian Gebeor ,Amanda Kakagboi ,Alphonso Kuiah, Solomon Gaigair , Narwu Howard ,Cecelia Tamba-Kollie and Charlstain Gebeor .

Speaking during the event, the  female Chairperson of the Board of Trustee expressed gratitude to Rev. Johnson Gardee Johnson for the stewardship over the last ten years.

Vice president Howard-Taylor disclosed that during her difficult days in life, it was Rev Gardee Johnson who provided consoling and guidance that led to her present status.

She assured  the elected Bishop   Joseph Gardee Johnson of  the Restoration Baptist Ministries ,  that  they  as board of Trustee  and  the members of the Church,  have  the task   to fully complete  the church’s  edifice  before his ordination  as  Bishop.

The Vice President  and now Chairperson of   the Board of Trustee   appreciated all of those   who graced the event, especially the presiding Bishop of Faith Hill Prophetic Assemble, Based in Abuja Nigeria  among others.

Inaugurating  the Board of Trustee of  the Church a Visiting Archbishop, Emmanuel Jatau prophesied that Liberia will shortly be a reconciled country where its citizens will enjoy and lives happily.

Archbishop Jatu  said  while  he  was on  the plane  coming  to Liberia   in  a dream,   he saw  those  Liberians  who died  during  the civil war   moving all around  in such  of  a revenge.

According to him,, at   the same time  in his vision,   he saw president George Weah  going down  a slope   and later elevated  with the citizens celebrating  his return  to   the top  along  with  his  vice president  and other officials.

Bishop Jatu said very soon president Weah and Vice President Taylor will  be in a church service   appreciating God for his protection and blessing.

The Archbishop told the public that   president Weah and VP Howard-Taylor are not enemy, rejecting the speculation  that  the president and  that of  the vice president are not in peace.

He however disclosed that president Weah and that of VP Howard Taylor   will be reelected as   to complete their constitutional terms.

The Prophetic Bishop told the worshipers who attended the event that Liberia   will gain its rightful place in Africa, emphasizing that Liberia   will soon be like United States of America.

Archbishop Jatu called on the congregation    and other Liberians to pray for the nation’s prosperity.

Speaking  early,  the Restoration Baptist Ministries ,  the General Overseer , Rev. Joseph Gardee Johnson  said  for over ten years   the Church was ready  to put  into a proper  leadership  that will lead the Ministries .

According  to him , within the ten years , Vice President Jewel Howard Tayloy, underwent  through training  for  the past  ten years  in ministries.

He further disclosed that each of the trustee’s members has a professional duty   that will make impactful contribution to the church and the society.

Pastor Johnson  further said  during  their vetting process,  a robust  research  was done  that resulted  that every one  of  those board members including  the chairperson were proving  to be  credible with  integrity, accountability  and transparency; which was key   in  the running   of  the church.

According  to  him,  there  is a need for  the government  to ensure  that  public officials fully work  in  performing  transparency   and accountability  in public service.

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