VP Boakai Testifies

MONROVIA-Serving as one of the witnesses of the prosecution, the Former Vice President of Liberia, Joseph Nyemah Boakai appeared and testified at the city court in the criminal trial between the Alternative National Congress Political leader Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and the All Liberian Party headed by Mr.  Benoni W. Urey.

Mr. Urey accused the ANC political leader of forgery and alteration of the CPP (Collaborating Political Parties) framework document but the party has denied the allegations.

Vice President Boakai disclosed that the document he affixed his signature to on May 19, 2020 was not the one brought in the court during his testimony.

But for his part, Mr. Cummings said “People altered document to their advantage, but there is nothing that is in the framework document that puts us at an advantage over the other three parties.” He made the statement on a local radio show.

Alexander Cummings warns that there would be actions taken against those who have “accused him falsely” after the court had found him not guilty of the charges.

Vice President Boakai was subpoenaed by the court to serve as a second witness in the ongoing criminal trial.

The case has been on trial for over four months at the Monrovia city court, with Magistrate Jomah Jallah presiding Judge.

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