“Vote For Me And Have Electricity”

By Mark B. Dumbar

As the Campaign for the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections intensifies in the country, President George M. Weah who has been touring several districts in Montserrado County has called on the people of Careysburg City, District#1, Montserrado to vote for him come October 10, 2023 so that they will have whatever they desired.

The Liberian leader who embarked on his eight days of campaign activities around Montserrado County stated that the people of District# 1 should not be carried away by the opposition. He called on the young people of District# 1 to be focused and make decisions that will benefit them for another six years.

President Weah urged the people of District# 1 Montserrado County to vote with one mind to sustain the development that he has carried in every district in Liberia. He urged the people of District#1, Montserrado County to vote for him so that whatever they desired for their district will be achieved.

The Liberian leader assured the people of Careysburg City that they will have electricity as long as they give him another six years to lead them. President Weah narrated that growing up as a young man, it was very difficult for him so he had to travel to other countries to survive by playing football. He said as a young man, he worked hard to survive and sustain his family in Liberia.

At the same time, President Weah has promised to provide the people of District #1, Montserrado County with everything they desired for their district if they elect him for the second time as President of the nation.

Speaking also, Montserrado County Senator, Saah Joseph said the people of Careysburg should vote for President Weah for them to achieve those things that they desired. He further stated that it is time for the people of District#1 to look at the many developments in their district and make a decision that will not affect them.

Senator Joseph urged the people of Careysburg to vote for President George M. Weah and Representative Candidate, Ruth James on the Coalition for Democratic Change ticket.



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