VOTE All of US Out

-Rep. Yekeh Kolubah Tells Liberians

By Washington Tumay


MONROVIA-The critically vocal and tough-talking Montserrado County District# 10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah has called on the electorates to vote out every Representative at the legislature.

Rep. Kolubah said he called for such action against them is due to the fact that most of the Representatives are not working in the interest of the Liberian People.

He told the media that the Representatives have failed the Liberian People and are working in the interest of President George M. Weah and not the Liberian people.

Rep. Kolubah speaking on Ok FM recently told   Liberians that he will keep advocating for the right things to be done within the house of Representatives.

The Opposition Lawmaker of the Alternative National Congress  (ANC) blamed those lawmakers who are in the opposition for siding with the ruling party’s Coalition for Democratic Change lawmakers to  misuse the country’s resources for their personal benefits when the masses are suffering.

Rep. Kolubah also called on the Leadership of the House of Representatives to mandate the General Auditing Commission (GAC) to audit the House of Representatives.

According to  the ANC Lawmaker,  the auditing  of the House of Representative will show  the Liberian people  who is transparent  or not  transparent   at the First  Branch  of Government.

He furthered  that those in leadership need  to account  for funding given them  through  the national budget,  emphasizing  that such finance  is  for  Liberians,  and  they must be in the know  how  their monies   are used by the House of Representatives’ leadership  and the lawmakers.

Lawmaker Kolubah  narrated  that  the people of Liberia need  to know  how their money have been managed  at the level of the legislature  and  those  at the leadership  are not given him credence  to such  a vital call   for  the Houses  of Representatives  to  be audited.

The Aggressive and provocative lawmaker vows  to intensify  his advocacy role  at the House of Representatives, stressing  that  he was elected  by his people  to advocate  for  them.

Rep. Kolubah indicated that due  to his advocacy  and critical stance on the government  that  his District was able  to benefit from the government’s road developmental projects  and markets including other  the sports park.

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