Vivian Finally Arrested …For Brutal Assault On Naomi

The Liberia National Police (LNP) has arrested Ms. Vivian Dent for the brutal attack on a female identified as Naomi in Yakepa, Nimba County.

Addressing a brief news conference yesterday at the headquarters of the Liberian National Police in Monrovia, Police Spokesman Moses Carter disclosed that Ms. Vivian Dent who allegedly brutalized Naomi was arrested in Yekepa and brought to Monrovia based on her alleged action against Naomi.

Mr. Carter said Vivian who is believed to be the perpetrator will be investigated, charged and send to court for the brutality she exhibited   against Naomi in Nimba County few days ago.

Carter further added that the police will arrested and investigate anyone connected to the uncivilized act by Ms. Vivian to serve as deterrence for other would-be doers.

He added that anyone involved in acts that tend to taint the image of the country will feel the full weight of the law.

At the same time, the Liberia National Police has condemned the brutal attack on Naomi by a lady identified as Vivian Dent in Yekepa, Nimba County.

LNP Spokesman, Moses Carter confirmed that they contacted the Women and Children Section of the LNP in Yekepa for Ms. Dent’s arrest and was finally arrested and brought to Monrovia for investigation. He promised to keep the public informed about the progress.

A shocking video depicting the brutal assault on a woman named Naomi, by Vivian Dent has gone viral on Facebook, sparking public outrage and demands for justice.

The incident has garnered widespread attention highlighting the importance of addressing domestic violence and seeking justice for the victims. As the case unfolds, the public remains vigilant, urging the legal system to ensure that those responsible for such heinous acts are held accountable.

In the distressing video, Vivian Dent reported to be the former partner of Mr. Stephen Jajah, an employee of ArcelorMittal is seen violently attacking Naomi while filming the incident. Vivian accused Naomi of invading her matrimonial home and posts explicit threats and abusive remarks on Facebook.

Naomi who was in her shared home with her boyfriend Stephen Jajah at the time was subjected to a merciless beating by Vivian. According to a post on social media by Abigail BL Karneh, the case is now before the court. Abigail urged the public to condemn such brutality asserting that Stephen chose to leave Vivian due to previous abuse and paternity issues.

Stephen Jajah responded to the video with a post calling Vivian a loser and expressing gratitude for the video’s exposure. Vivian however, denied posting the video despite making threats on camera about showing the altercation to Facebook viewers.

The incident has prompted an outcry on social media with many individuals including Lisa Tenneh Diasay, CEO of Women TV, and Carlton Boah, Publisher of In Profile Newspaper demanding justice for Naomi. They argued that Vivian’s actions were premeditated and potentially life-threatening.

In the video, Vivian is seen brandishing a pair of scissors during the attack which further raised concerns about the premeditated nature of the assault. Carlton Boah, Publisher of In-Profile Daily insists that justice must be served regardless of Vivian’s relationship with Stephen Jajah and condemned the transfer of aggression onto Naomi.

HeForShe National Coordinator, Mr. Tamba Johnson also condemned Vivian Dent’s actions and demands justice for Naomi. He emphasized that no one has the right to physically abuse and dehumanize another person stressing that Liberia is a country of law where the judiciary should be sought for justice.

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