Vaccine Is the Surest Way to Fight the Virus -Says Dr. Mosoka Fallah

By Mark N. Mengonfia

MONROVIA-Former head of the National Public Health Institute, Dr. Mosoka Fallah is encouraging Liberians to talk the vaccine being administered by the County’s health team adding it is surest way of combating the Covid 19 pandemic.

Speaking when he was interviewed from abroad, Dr. Fallah who is a Scientist, said the vaccine is intended to build the immune system against the virus.

During the live talk show, some Liberians who called expressed concern about the safety of the vaccine asking if it was safe for those who have complications.

When he was asked about the risk of those who have complications such as hypertension, diabetic, he said, “those who have complications should take it because their system is even weak and needs the vaccines to protect themselves and build up their systems.”

He said he as a person, who has hypertension and diabetes, made a decision to take the vaccine because he wants to increase his chances of living with the presence of the vaccine in his system.

According to Dr. Fallah, the vaccine is safe, adding that the one way the virus will be eliminated is by the taking of the vaccines.

Liberia was recently pronounced by the US government as one of the dangerous places to travel this period due to the rise in the new variant of the virus, which has placed Liberia at level-4.

Explaining the term level 4, Dr. Fallah said it means that the transmission has reached a highest risk of the virus or has reached a point that it is now difficult to have it controlled.

But giving hope to Liberians, Dr. Fallah projected two major concepts he said that should be used.

He said the concepts are: find the sources, have it removed and protect those who have not gotten virus.

He said institutions like drugs stores, clinics, hospitals; religious gathering should report any case they see as suspected case of the virus.

He pointed out that every Liberian should have sensitive attitude in identifying the sick people as one of the means of fighting the killer virus from the country.

He also wants the Liberian heath authorities to build up testing centers to encourage people to go for their test.

He said,  once a person receives his or her test result is realistic, people will be encouraged to go for it; but when it takes forever, it gives rise to speedy spread of the virus.

He also advised the Ministry of Health to divide the hotspots into zones to administer the vaccine by this, he said it will be easy to know who has and who  has not taken it.

He added, “Wear your mask and follow all the protocols as means of protection.”

Dr. Fallah said they are working with partners and seeking other means to ensure that Liberia gets support from other parts of the world to have the fight against Covid 19 won.

He said, government is trying her best, but there are limited amount of vaccines coming to Africa.

According to him, over the past 7 months, he has been working with scientist to ensure that Africa gets the vaccine because he knows that the virus would have reached African badly and knowing that the continent does not have good health system.



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