Utilize Dreams Potential

By: Perry B. Zordyu

The Keynote Speaker of the 3rd Graduation program of the African Dreams Academy has admonished graduates to uphold their dreams by utilizing and making it a true potential reality.

Dr. Thomas Smith said the dreams and aspirations of individual cannot be fulfilled without a true potential beyond such dreams.  The Guest Speaker speaking to over100 graduates noted that they are not just a dream but a dream comes true and optimistic that the graduates will fully implement their dreams and goals as they go into the world.

“Today you are saying good bye to secondary education, let me remind you that you are not just a dream of this institution but a reality come true. Uphold your dreams, utilized it to the full potential of reality then tell the world that the African Dreams Academy cannot only make you dream but rather interpret your dreams and provide the corridor for reality,” Dr. Thomas Smith added.

The Presbyterian Pastor reminded graduates that though the dreams are there, it is prudent enough to believe in whatever dreams you have and ensure it becomes a reality. Dr. Smith stressed that the dreams of every potential creature is follow by hard work noting that acting upon said dreams will allow and put you in a gap  of being not just a dream chaser but a reality deliver.

“Dreams into reality are based on three pillars; believe in your very dream, have hope that it will certainly come to fulfillment and implement dreams to the fullest,” Dr. Thomas Smith stressed. Dr. Thomas Smith spoke to over hundred graduates at program making the 3rd graduation of the African Dreams Academy over the weekend in Paynesville.

African Dreams Academy is a secondary school that provides quality education to rising students who seek to foster knowledge and is operated by Representative Samuel Enders of District #6.

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