US Want Boakai Demonstrate Consistent Political Will

The United States Embassy near Monrovia through its charge D’affairs, has urged the incoming government of Liberia to develop the political will to prioritize the fight against corruption.

Catherine Rodriguez acknowledged that the U.S. government through the embassy near Monrovia has witnessed a few successes demonstrated with the Anti-Corruption Champion award bestowed upon Marc Kollie this year by Secretary Blinken for his fight against corruption.

“A few successes here and there are not sufficient, but what is needed is consistent political will within the Executive Branch and Legislature to ensure these institutions have the support and resources they need to carry out the work they were created to do.  There needs to be greater transparency in government, and you should know where your tax money is going.”

During a round table discussion with journalists in Monrovia Tuesday, December 12, 2023, the Charge D’ affairs of the U.S.Embassy noted that corruption does not only affect the lives of the people today but also threatens their family’s future.

“Corruption doesn’t only affect your life today but also threatens your family’s future.  The world is a global marketplace.  Liberia, like other countries in the world, must compete for new business opportunities, for foreign assistance, and for international financing. The fortunes of all Liberians are squandered when government corruption becomes a factor in that decision making.”

The Charge D’ affairs, Catherine Rodriguez, stated that the USgovernment is uplifted to hear that dealing with the pernicious issue of corruption is one of the incoming government’s priorities.  She wants Liberia to make it easier for regular citizens and honest government workers to report fraud and corruption.

“We are uplifted to hear that dealing with the pernicious issue of corruption is one of your incoming government’s priorities.  Liberia should make it easier for regular citizens and honest government workers to report fraud and corruption.”

The U.S. diplomat added that it is good news that Liberia hasinstitutions that are capable of investigating and prosecuting corruption and holding wrongdoers accountable.

At the same time, the U.S. diplomat urged the Liberian media to play an essential role in transparency, both by reporting important and accurate information, but also by reporting on how government funding is being spent and how it affects Liberians’ lives.  In her opinion, it is essential because when corruption is uncovered, action is taken.

“For minor incidents employees can be fired or disciplined, for major incidents they should face prosecution.  When corruption goes unchecked at higher levels, it signals to everyone else that it’s ok to charge you extra for services you are already paying for through your taxes.  Unchecked corruption, along with a lack of accountability becomes a corrosive force on society stifling the growth and advancement of your family,” Catherine Rodriguez added

She concluded by reaffirming the US government’s commitment to fighting corruption in Liberia, by ensuring the best for Liberia. “As one of your oldest and strongest partners in the international community, as an employer of hundreds of Liberians, and as one of your largest international donors, we are committed to the best for Liberia.”

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