US Team signs Liberian Youth

MONROVIA-A young Liberian, Gontay Toweh(Bill Cool Toweh)  has been signed by the Kentucky Cavalry  American Football team  for 2021 season.

Gontay who has been living in that states since he left Liberia before the second Liberian civil war in  2003, was singed  late last month  by The Kentuckiana  Cavalry  Armature Football Team.

“The cavalry are pleased to  announce the  signing  of linebacker Gontay  Toweh(Bill    cool Toweh) for the  2021 season. Toweh will be playing  his first season  of Semi pro this summer and his jersey  number will be  #45. Welcome to the Team Gontay.

The Kentuckiana  Cavalry  Armature Football Team wrote in its letter  to him.

Speaking to  this paper from the states Bill  said, “ I am extremely thrilled to be  part of this team. I will continue to  do my best so that our team can move up. My dream is to play in the professional league one day. That, I know will come one day by the grace of God.”

Gontay  who is  in his  early  twenties, moved to Ghana on resettlement with his mother before their  departure.  He settled in Kentucky  and enrolled  in school where he graduated from high school. Currently, he is pursuing his university education in   civil engineering.

Asked why  he did not follow his  father’s footstep to become journalist, he said: “I do not like it.  Journalists talk, write. Some of what they say and write  are not accurate at times. But  I am  different from him. I like him for what he is doing. He loves it.”

He said, “I want to seek ways to help the less fortunate  kids in Liberia one day. When I see kids on TV, it makes me sad. I feel for them. Those are our future leaders. Some of them could become ministers, president one  day.  Do you see our president today. He played football  and God bless him. So, we need to  take car of them. I pray that one day, very soon I will pay a visit to Liberia.

On cash value, it was not  disclosed. He is the first Liberian so far to play for that team. His coach said  he was a  great player and  has the potential to excel in the future.

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