US Embassy Donates US$19,370 Equipment To LNP

MONROVIA-The United States Embassy accredited near Monrovia through its Bureau of International Narcotic and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), has donated office equipment to the Liberia National Police (LNP) in the tone of US$19,370.00 dollars.

The items donated included: Ten Laptops, Seven Boxes of Papers, Seven Printers, forty-eight boxes of ink, One 4G Router and Six D-Links respectively, estimated at Nineteen Thousand Three Hundred Seventy United States dollars (USD19,370.00).

Since 2017, the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) has supported the Carter Center’s partnership with the LNP to increase accountability and community relations through a project entitled Advancing Liberian Police Accountability and Citizen Trust (ALPACT).

The project has provided support and capacity-building to the LNP Professional Standards Division and the Civilian Complaint Review Board, among others.

Presenting the items at the police Headquarters on Capitol Hill in Monrovia, US Ambassador Michael A. McCarthy said the donation is part of the United States government’s continuous support and capacity building to the LNP through the Professional Standards Division (PSD) that is solely responsible to investigate alleged unethical behavior of officers.

McCarty said the donation is an example of the over one hundred-fifty  million the United States Government has contributed towards Liberia’s civilian security efforts since 2005.

This he said symbolizes the manner in which the US Government work in collaboration with the Liberian government and the civil society partners.

The results of this project in many ways is as a result of citizens’ trust survey, including the significant increase in citizens who view LNP as a trustworthy organization, as outlined in the recent NAYMOTE poll.

According to the US envoy, he realized many challenges faced by the LNP and the  lack of basic equipment and office supplies that is causing the LNP to struggle to meet its commitments to the Civilian Complaint Review Board which is of no exception.

Additionally, Ambassador McCarthy further noted that wider efforts have been made to  work with the LNP to procure the necessary equipment.

H.E. Ambassador Michael A. McCarthy said he is glad to join the Carter Center in announcing that their work will continue through Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ( $500,000) assistance from INL for their new project, “Advancing Liberian Security Sector Accountability and Public Trust.”

This project will build on the ALPACT program and will expand many of these efforts to additional partners, namely the Liberia Immigration Service and the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency, with the expertise of the Carter Center, civilian security agencies will continue the vital work of building strong feedback mechanisms and earning the trust of the public”.

He said while the US government is proud to stand alongside the LNP and can point to clear and positive results of the investment of U.S. taxpayers dollars, it is also incredibly important that Liberia’s elected leaders play the leading role in the success of the LNP, first by ensuring that police receive sufficient funding to operate effectively.

He further disclosed that the  Liberia National Police rightly deserves to be hailed for the progress it has made during Liberia’s peacetime, including its commitment to working with the Civilian Complaint Review Board to build trust with Liberia’s citizens.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the Liberia National Police, Inspector General of Police, Hon. Patrick Toe Sudue expressed thanks and appreciation to the United States government for its meaningful and unflinching contributions to the capacity building of the Liberia National Police over the time. He further   said the US government has been supportive to the capacity building of the Liberia National Police and described the donation as timely and rewarding.

He said the Professional Standards Division of the LNP that is the direct beneficiary of the donation will be monitored in making sure that the equipment are properly managed and used by its Officers.

IGP Sudue further lamented that in an effort to gain public trust and confidence, progress has been made in collaboration with the Carter Center to revamp what he term as “FIND OFFICER APP.”

The APP Sudue noted is intended to be used by the public to identify and complain officers for any unethical behavior or commend or appraise an officer for being professionally dutiful during the discharge of his or her duty.

He further lauded the Carter Center for been very instrumental in making sure that the integrity of the LNP is maintained.

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