US Embassy calls on everyone to remain calm

MONROVIA-OCT 12-The United States Embassy in Monrovia has called on all political parties, the media to remain calm as the National Elections Commission releases the election result.

In a statement issued on Thursday, said the U.S. Embassy reiterated its call for all citizens, political parties, and political aspirants to remain calm, patient, and peaceful while awaiting the official election results. Maintaining stability and order during this period is crucial to upholding the integrity of Liberia’s democratic process.
The embassy stressed t the importance of patience in this crucial phase of the democratic process and encouraged all Liberians to do the same.

The embassy’s statement followed after the African Union and ECOWAS held a press conference today in which they called on all parties to remain calm and refrain from announcing result as NEC was the official body responsible

The United States Embassy also commended the people of Liberia for their active participation in the elections and their dedication to exercising their right to vote and engaging in the electoral process. This civic engagement was viewed as a testament to the nation’s commitment to democracy.

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