‘Uphold Peace’

-President Weah Urges Nimbaians

GANTA- NIMBA-President George Weah on Sunday called on Nimbaians to uphold and protect the peace of Liberia and should not do anything to derail it.

He made the statement at the Inland Church in Ganta, Nimba County, where he and officials had gone to worship.   He and his cabinet started their cabinet retreat in Ganta, Nimba County on Sunday. Before that, he dedicated some projects in the county and also expected to visit ongoing road projects in the county.

He said, “If there is no peace, there will be no free tuition for students; if there was no peace, there would not be hospitals,” he said. He added, “I thank you for the peace.”

President Weah said it was time for Nimba to host the cabinet retreat. “There is time for everything.  This is the time for Nimba County.” The people of Nimba, he said, mean a lot to him.

According to him, it was the people of Nimba and Liberians that elected him to become President of Liberia.

“I want to thank all Namibians because of you, Nimbaians and Liberians, that I am called his Excellency today.”

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