UP Rubbishes ‘Fake’ Cabinet Ministers List

Mark Dumbar

Following a recent post on social media about those to be appointed as Cabinet Ministers under the administration of Unity Party’s Standard-bearer, Joseph N. Boakai, the Secretary General of UP, Amos Tweh has strongly condemned the post terming it as misleading information carried by FrontPage Africa Newspaper along with other social media groups.

The UP Secretary-General disclosed that the propaganda from the ruling party is very childish for the Unity Party to ahead with. Unity Party has strongly dismissed what it considers as misinformation and disinformation being provided to the public by the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) saying that Ambassador Boakai and the UP believe in inclusive administration.

Mr. Tweh urges journalists to be careful about the kind of story they send out to the public to avoid embarrassment. He furtheredthat the information spreading on social media by Frontpage Africa has no facts and only intended to mislead the public.

“They wrote a story taking the information from a fake account without verifying from the Unity Party leadership,” he said.Tweh said the Standard-bearer of the Unity Party was clearedduring his campaign tour across the country that he would forma government of inclusion to lead the people of Liberia.

He said the Standard-bearer of the Unity Party is going to ensure that Liberians benefit from his leadership through agriculture, roads, education, sanitation, and health along with tourism.

The Unity Party Secretary General mentioned that the establishment of a very strong platform from the party leadership will allow for participants who are Liberians to benefit through great opportunities that will be provided by their administration.

“So, regardless of our differences from various political parties,our government is inclusive,” he added. He added that the Unity Party is optimistic that its Standard-bearer will become President in January.

“We are thankful that the decision of the Liberian people will continue to remain because they are very confident that we willensure that their votes are counted. Mr. Tweh added that the party has told Frontpage Africa that it is very childish to give misleading information to the public as a media institution in Liberia.

“We have condemned that propaganda as childish from the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC),” he stressed.

Tweh pointed out that it was just yesterday evening that one journalist from Frontpage Africa asked him about information concerning the names of individuals to be appointed by our Standard-bearer as Cabinet Ministers to various ministries and agencies.

He stated that during their conversation with the journalist from Frontpage Africa, he dismissed such information describing same as childish propaganda from the ruling establishment. “And he went ahead to write a story about that childish propaganda,” Tweh added.

According to him, the Unity Party is not in the habit of forming a government when they are focused on ensuring that their Standard-bearer is announced as President of Liberia.

The Opposition Unity Party has refuted claims of internal discord concerning the distribution of roles in a potential UP government following a victory in the presidential election.

Currently, Liberia’s presidential poll is heading to a runoff, with neither of the top two candidates garnering the required 50% plus one vote for an outright victory. With 98% of the votes counted so far, President George Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and former VP Joseph Nyumah Boakai of the (Unity Party) are tied at 43%, with a slight lead for the President.

However, a series of purported WhatsApp exchanges from a UP chat room made rounds on social media, suggesting that citizens from certain regions may be marginalized for governmental positions in the event of a UP electoral win.

UP Secretary General Amos Tweh dismissed these leaked WhatsApp exchanges as mere propaganda orchestrated by the ruling CDC against the UP. He emphasized that the UP’s primary focus is on ensuring the fair and transparent conduct of the elections.

Tweh stated, “This [WhatsApp exchanges] is absolute nonsense, and the CDC is behind this. George Weah has manipulated his way into a runoff with us, and he’s doing everything to win because he has been rejected by the people. Through manipulation and collusion, he’s managed to get into a runoff with UP.”

He further clarified that the UP is not preoccupied with job distribution but is concerned about the integrity of the ongoing elections. “The distribution of jobs is not the focus of the UP,” Tweh reiterated.

Tweh emphasized that the UP is committed to the collective well-being of Liberia and its citizens. The CDC is yet to respond to Tweh’s assertions. When contacted, Campaign Spokesperson Kanio Bai Gbalah was not available.

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