UP Alliance Claims Commanding Lead


In a riveting post-election press conference, Unity Party Alliance’s National Chairperson, Rev. Luther Tarpeh, made a bold declaration, asserting that the alliance had secured a staggering 90% of the tally sheets across the nation, signaling a resounding victory on the horizon in the first round of the elections.

Rev. Tarpeh exuded confidence as he addressed supporters and the nation at large, urging all backers of Rescue 1 Amb. Joseph Nyuma Boakai to remain patient and calm as they await the official results from the National Elections Commission (NEC).

Adding to the fervor of the moment, Sen. Abraham Darius Dillon, the Montserrado County Campaign Manager for the rescue mission, took to the stage, brandishing the tally sheets in hand. He left no room for doubt, stating that they would not accept any contrary pronouncements by the NEC, firmly standing by the figures they had meticulously tallied.

Unity Party Alliance’s Campaign Chairperson, Nyonblee Kangar-Lawrence- was equally buoyant in her address to the jubilant supporters. She urged them to celebrate as their alliance was in a commanding lead, igniting enthusiasm among the crowd.

The press conference was an electrifying spectacle of optimism, as the Unity Party Alliance made clear its confidence in the election results. With supporters abuzz with anticipation, all eyes now turned to the NEC for the official announcement, which promises to be a defining moment in the nation’s political landscape. Unity Party Alliance’s claims of a commanding lead have set the stage for a captivating post-election period.

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