Until Liberia’s Nehemiah Can Arrive


Following predictions, prophesies, proclamation and open-air declaration that the head of the current government is a God sent leader who no one should challenge, moreover criticize; for doing so is equated to an affront to the Almighty God, opposing voice from the religious community has sounded the right path to trek as a nation and people and avoid presenting things of sacred nature loosely, recklessly and carelessly to appease an individual for selfish reason.

This became glaring when the Chaplain General of the Liberian Senate, Rev. Michael Holder delivering his regular sermon in the Liberian Senate Thursday, January 24, 2019 said his assertion is as a result of the living condition of the ordinary Liberian people in the country Liberia is under a severe curse.

“This country is cursed and we need to be serious in this country. It is hell and our people are really catching hard time in this country. Do your survey and see how many persons do have a breakfast or a three-square meal a day,” Rev. Holder asserted.

Rev. Holder said on a daily basis ordinary Liberians find it very difficult in getting a three-square meal a day, even though the country is blessed with so many natural resources.

The Senate Chaplain General asserted that he always hear people say that Liberia’s Nehemiah has arrived, but he strongly default with the comments, thus, until the country’s Nehemiah can arrive; the country will not progress.

Nehemiah Chapter 5:14-15, states among other things that Nehemiah said from the time he was appointed governor in the land of Judah, he and his brethren have never eaten bread of the governor, but the former governor that were before him were chargeable.

Rev. Holder stated that he never read in the Bible where Nehemiah built a house or bought a land, something he said is not the characteristics of Nehemiah in the Bible.

“Somebody said to me that this man is a Nehemiah but I say back to them no because Nehemiah did not buy a land or build houses, so this man cannot be a Nehemiah for Liberia,” Rev. Holder said.

The clergyman recounted that he remembered that while President George Weah was in the Liberian Senate, he (Rev. Holder) preached a certain sermon titled ‘when the King is a Boy’ and the Liberian leader then Senator invited him for a conversation about his sermon.

Responding to the recent comment made by Bishop Isaac Winker of the Dominion Church concerning the wrath of God on anyone who criticizes President George Weah, Rev. Holder said “it is good to criticize your leaders because it will strengthen the leaders.”

He said it is better to speak truth to power than to shower fake praises and sing glory alleluia to the leaders when the right things are not done and should clearly chide the latter when in the wake engages in wrong things; cautioning those he referred to as praise singers to desist for the betterment of the country.

Until Liberia’s Nehemiah can arrive, Liberians have got long to wait and see; and not be taken for a short ride on the back of politically-prone prophesies that will only keep the people under complete control of darkness and perpetually yoked by men whose performances and actions remain questionable in the eyes of honesty and sincerity.

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