By Mark Neywon Mengonfia mmenginfia@gmail.com

Despite the piercing punishment unleashed against two high schools for violating the Ministry of Education’s guideline regarding graduation, Cllr. Dr. Pearl Browne Bull, has in the strongest term, opened up on Minister Ansu Sonii with an accusing finger of conflict of interest.

Her accession in a recording in the possession of this paper, Cllr. Browne said, “He (Min. Sonii) has a school on the Hotel Africa Road and thinks that if he takes stringent decisions against Ricks Institute (in particular) students (from Ricks) would go to his institution.”

The renowned lawyer who is also a preacher said, for the Education Minister to declare that as long as he is Minister, those  people (Ricks and Haywood) will not take government exams, was something unthinkable adding, “As long as you are, two things you got to do, Minister: stay black and die.”

According to her, the decision reached by the Minister was one-sided and out of order especially for the position he holds as Minister of Education, someone must have instructional background.

She said she suspects politics to be associated with the Minister’s decision, adding that he is attempting to suffocate Ricks Institute because he reportedly owns a school around the same area.

Speaking in a loud tone, Cllr. Dr. Bull said, “Minister Sonii, you serve at the will and pleasure of the president but it’s sad to note that you are not living up to the task for which you were appointed.”

She added, “The Minister of Education wants to politicize the Ministry.” She furthered that the Minster sounded too emotional, a person that looks misplaced in his role.

We thought the Minister would have used wisdom and compassion to render his latest judgment against Ricks, but it seems he lacks everything that someone with wisdom should possess, Cllr Bull intoned.

Earlier, Recently, Education Minister, Ansu Sonii took a decision against two schools by placing a ban on their institutions.

According to the Education boss, the institutions have been in constant violation of the regulation put into place to save guard the Liberian school system.

Speaking at a press briefing in Monrovia, the Education boss said the results for the 2020/2021 West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Exams for Ricks Institute and Haywood Mission were being blocked, based on what he termed as their ‘deliberate’, disobedient and rebellious ways they have violated the rules of the Ministry of Education.

During the briefing, the Minister said they at the Ministry of Education were not punishing the students rather the schools involved stating, “We will make special arrangements with WASSCE to ensure that the students access their results independently at WASSCE office but it will not be made available to the Schools.”

Since the Education Minister made the pronouncement, Liberians have welcomed the education Minister’s punishment against two schools saying Liberia is a place of laws and that the laws should be respected by each and every one.

At the same time, there are also too many persons criticizing him (Minister) and his team for being so strong against the two schools.

Moreover, it is not only Cllr. Bull who has problem with the decision.

Liberian Vice President, Jewel Howard-Taylor at the official commencement of the 5th session of the 54th Legislature had a different view as it relates to the decision taken by the Education Minister.

VP Taylor said the current wave of penalties levied on institutions that have held closing programs for those students who have completed their requirements for the 12th graders is a dilemma, for both the students and institutions of learning.

But political pundits have said that the decision by the Education boss was the right one on grounds it was not the first time for those institutions to willfully go against the regulation of the Minister of Education.

They said when the Ministry makes pronouncement and fails to have it implemented, it is the same Liberians who will refer to the Ministry as a toothless bull dog.

They said this decision if the Minister stands by it, will serve as a caveat to those who will want to take the Minister on a short ride.

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