Unintended Consequences

By:Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9@gmail.com

MONROVIA-One  of  the critical  lawmakers  of Nimba County , District #8  Representative, Larry Younquoi   has decried  the use  of  the county yellow machines  by  the local Authority  and  that of  the Ministry of Public Works.    According  to him, it is not  with   the consent of  the county legislative caucus.

In his protestation   through his official social media page,  indicated  that  it was with deep degree of consternation  that he inform  the public about  the action of certain elements   who are  within  the county leadership  with  the objective  of using  the county yellow machines  to maintain  the primary road between Saclepea and Gblor  Diala  without  the official approval of the Nimba Legislative Caucus respectively.

“It is my understanding that  the Acting Minister of Public Works, Ruth Coker Collins broke ground  for  said work in Saclepea City after she  received at least  four pieces of the county road work Machines from the Project Management  Committee  (PMC) and  the County Superintendent” he indicated.

He further  indicated; “Let people stop taking  the people of Nimba County for granted ; if this is not discontinued until proper arrangement is made , it may have unintended consequences.”  He did not say what such consequences would be.

The Leadership  of Nimba county  and  that of  the delegates  during  their county seating  through  a  resolution, consented  that  the PMC  should purchase  earth moving  equipment  so  that  the county  can be able  to maintain the various roads within  the county.

But the Lawmaker described the action by the local County Authorities for not consulting the legislative caucus as anti – peace.

According  to him , the county legislative caucus  is  the chief  decision making body of the county, stressing  that  they were not in  the know,  relating  to  the use  of  the equipment.

The Alternative National Congress Lawmaker than called on the citizens to advice whomever is behind such to desist as it shows disrespect to the rest of their caucus members.

The lawmaker did not relent   to inform the public that action by the   County local Authorities have the propensity to cause conflict with in the leadership of the county especially within the caucus.

Nimba  is one  of  those counties  that purchased earth moving equipment  through  the social and County Development Fund  during  the Administration of former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,  but all of  those equipment according  to reports,  are broken down  including Grand Bassa County among  others.



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