UNDP Liberia boosts citizens’ feedback


MONROVIA-UNDP Liberia on Wednesday August 25, 2021, turned over  a consignment of assorted ICT supplies to the Ministries of State and Foreign Affairs to  boost the government of Liberia Citizens’ Feedback Mechanism (CFM) platform and its  Performance Management efforts.

The aim is to strengthen the current digital hub set up over a year ago, by the Ministry of State with support from UNDP. The technology used at the hub connects Liberians especially in rural areas to their government on the delivery of key services.

The feedback from the population in turn, helps the central administration make informed decisions emanating from the country’s national development agenda.

At the same time, the donation is a result of a request by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to improve its service delivery capacity.

Turning over the items, UNDP Programme Analyst Robert Dorliae said, that the supplies are to be used to support the CFM Hub on data collection and analysis and to modernize units at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to execute its mandate and functions as they relate to its reform agenda.

He encouraged the two Ministries to ensure proper use and accountability of the assets while affirming the collective commitment of the GoL and UNDP to enhance service delivery to the people of Liberia.

“UNDP remains committed to working with its partners, especially the Ministries of Sate and Foreign Affairs to mobilize the required resources for the hub and other interventions,” Dorliae stressed.

Receiving the supplies for the Ministry of State, the Director-General of the Cabinet, Jordan Sulonteh praised UNDP for its catalytic support to the efforts of improving the Performance Management System of the government and the Citizens’ Feedback Mechanism platform designed to receive information and feedback on service delivery actions in motion by the government.

Sulonteh said the government will continue to work to ensure that the services currently being used in five counties, will be gradually extended to the rest of the country.

On her part, the Deputy Foreign Minister for Administration, Thelma Sawyer, received the supplies on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Madam Sawyer mentioned that the gesture is part of a request made by Minister Kemaya to improve the efficiency of the staff and units within the Ministry through its reform agenda that aligns with the PAPD.

“The provision of digital tools for use by the Passport and Visa section will assist in strengthening and inspiring confidence and trust in the ministry’s service delivery,” said Sawyer.


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