GANTA –  A son of Nimba County has said that underfunding to the education system in Liberia is affecting the sector.

Mr Victor W. Kpeiseh, said funding for education in Liberia is very low that it can not provide the needed educational materials to upgrade the sector up to even international standard.

He made these assertions while addressing cross section of citizens in Ganta at the graduation ceremony of the oldest public institution, J.W. Pearson High School on Monday January 25, 2021 on the topic: Liberia in the Progressive Educational World.

In addition, Mr Kpeiseh disclosed that several classroom teachers nowadays lack the requisite training and focus on what they have been called to do.

He also stressed that others see the profession as a means of achieving their desires in life.

“Others use the teaching profession as a stepping stone to get to where they want to go which is wrong”, he said.

Mr Kpeiseh revealed that the World is fast moving in terms of education, but questioned the position of his country on the map of progressive Education. He referred to Education as a slight hammer that is use to break the yoke of ignorance.

The chief orator then, admonished those graduates to do away with complacency and push further in pursuing higher education.

155 students were awarded diploma for successfully completing high school studies at the institution.

Mr Kpeiseh thinks the country’s Educational system has absolutely collapsed and needs to be reorganized immediately.

It can be recalled that during her state of the nation address back in 2013, former Liberian president, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf branded the country’s entire Education system as a total mess which needed an overhaul.

Several efforts seem to have been made to improve on the system, but it appears to be very slow.

However, Mr Kpeiseh blames these things on what he called unrealistic policies and pronouncements by government.

He pleaded with the Liberian government to be more proactive in addressing educational matters like providing functional and well equipped Library and Laboratories throughout the country to allow students do practical of what they learn from the class.

He said: government makes policies that it can not implement.

According to him, instead of offering free education, school administrators should be given the chance to operate school on a cost basis that will enable them provide quality education to Liberians.

The E&J Boss considered the government’s free education policy as total embarrassment for school administrators.

He also wants the issue of education to be void of politics if the sector must regain its pre-war status.

The orator recommends attractive  and regular salaries for teachers to encourage them provide quality Education to learners.

He called on the graduates to understand the fact that Liberia is far behind and therefore, it is incumbent upon them to change their Country’s status.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kpeiseh, who is the General Administrator of the E&J Medical Center in Ganta used the opportunity to warn citizens of the county against tribalistic politics.

He’s worried that  Nimba County in particular would gradually go down the dream if young people who constitute about 85% of the county’s population thread on tribal line.


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