Uncontrollable Garbage Disposal Troubling

By Washington Watson- Onewash9@gmail.com

MONROVIA-Several residents within Paynesville are calling on the Paynesville City Corporation to be proactive in addressing the uncontrollable garbage disposal on the ongoing road construction project site.

The Paynesville City  Inhabitants said,  if  the Paynesville City Corporation Authorities do not put into place  a system that will address  the garbage situation in a short period  of time,  the road  that  is under construction by the government will be a waste  of resources.

According to Justina Gibson the inability regarding disposal of garbage on the street is a total disgrace to   the city authority.

The dry goods business woman    told our reporter that the Paynesville City Police needs to stop focusing on putting planks with nails embedded under taxis and applying their energy instead arrest those who will be dropping garbage on the streets.

Also speaking, Jefferson Toe a motorcyclist said the issue of disposing garbage on the street needs the collective efforts of everyone.

He said,  the residents  and  that  of   PCC Authority have  their part  to play  in finding a lasting solution  to  the uncontrollable garbage disposer.

Toe disclosed that the garbage is created by the community’s residents   who most of the time, gave their garbage to at –risk youths for disposal.

According to him, those at-risk youths are only interested in the little money that is given to them by the residents to dispose of the garbage, but are not concerned   about the health implication.

He expressed the hope that   those at the PCC will take action to remove the garbage that is being disposed on the road that is under construction.

Recently, the Director for Community Development at the Paynesville City Corporation, Aloysius Chieh encouraged community’s leaders to take initiative by ensuring that their communities are clean.

He said PCC Authority is soliciting the needed support from its international development partners to assist in providing the capacity for community dwellers to have their community clean.

Chieh disabused the mindset of community residents  for take  their garbage  from  their  communities   to dump it  by the road describing such attitude by  residents  as unhealthy  for  their  community  and  the society.

Chieh said each of  the trucks  that  they at PCC rent per day  is  three hundred  and fifty United State Dollars including fifty gallons of fuels and  the   machine     to remove  the garbage from  the  communities .

He said the City Corporation is spending immensely on removing waste from the communities within the city.

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