The Weah-Taylor 2023 Campaign Committee of the Coalition for Democratic Change has re-committed itself to the conduct of an issue-based campaign that emphasizes the exceptional record of development and good governance of President George M. Weah, while also stressing the importance of maintaining a peaceful democratic environment.

The Weah-Taylor 2023 Campaign Committee therefore deplores the action of some of its over-exuberant supporters who marched the streets toting a casket on Saturday during the official start of the period of political campaign for the Presidential and Legislative elections in October.

This action is unacceptable and does not represent the set of activities that have been envisioned to characterize this crucial democratic exercise.

The committee believes that the unprecedented gains the Weah Administration has made over the years provide sufficient nuggets for a massive victory in the upcoming elections. It therefore urges everyone working towards this ultimate goal to remain on message.

The Committee wishes to thank all partisans, auxiliaries and supporters for their steadfast commitment to ensuring the re-election of President Weah and urges them to continue to work hard, rain or shine, until the resounding victory is achieved.

Early Saturday morning, some members of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), paraded with a casket in the streets of Monrovia bearing the photos of the mainstream opposition political leader, Joseph Nyuma Boakai on the first day of the official launch for the 2023 presidential and legislative elections campaign.

Thousands in their numbers, the youths of the party headed a casket with Boakai pictures on, describing it as Boakai remains with bold RIP written on it, on Saturday August 5 while he is still alive, saying Boakai was taken to rest to continue with eternal life in his grave.

The action by the President’s supporters, which his party lately condemned, comes just a few days after President George Weah called on politicians in the country to embrace dialogue, tolerance, and the spirit of national unity at their Farmington Declaration, during the activities leading to and after the October 10 polls.

During the Farmington Declaration, which commits politicians to avoid any activities that would breed violence to undermine the conduct of the October 10 elections,  Weah noted that the agreement  must not just be a  piece of paper signed but rather a solemn pledge to uphold the values of democracy, peace, and inclusivity.

But it seems this may not be the case, as analysts label Weah supporters’ action as provocative and a deliberate attempt to stoke tensions and create a hostile campaign environment.

Analysts have termed the condemnation of their CDC against their own action as hypocritical, premeditated and planned action  to spark  violence that could take the country back to the dark days where the country  suffered 14 years of civil uprising.

However, the UP has characterized CDC action as childish and a clear violation of the nonviolent agreement and also the lack of maturity.

In a press release signed by the party national secretary general, Mr. Amos Tweh on Sunday  August 6, 2023, noted that parading with a casket on the first day of the campaign demonstrates that the CDC is no longer worthy of the trust and confidence of the Liberian people.

Amos said, the use of a casket as a symbol is deeply troubling, as it represents death, and the Unity Party Alliance empathizes with the suffering of the Liberian people while the CDC appears to delight in it, even wishing for more deaths.

“The CDC government has not been accountable for its stewardship of the country over the past six years, opting instead for unprovoked actions that incite violence and undermine the elections. The Liberian electorate is seeking alternative policy prescriptions for the vexing issues they face.


The CDC’s failures are evident in the increased poverty, healthcare costs, and lack of access to education. Civil servants have suffered salary cuts and lost their dignity, unable to afford tuition for their children. Governance, rule of law, and basic social services have been undermined, leaving hospitals without basic drugs and schools without essential supplies, ” he asserted.

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