UL Students Donate To PE Department


A group of students most of them prospect graduates of the University of Liberia (UL) have donated a FIFA Pele Football to the Physical Education (PHED) Department of the University of Liberia.

Presenting the football on behalf of Section #8 of PHED 212 (Men Soccer II) for Academic 2017/2018 Second (II) Semester, the Spokesman of the class, Esau J. Farr said it was the class’ way of augmenting the efforts of the Physical Education Department and sports in general of the state-run-University of Liberia.

Mr. Farr lauded the efforts of the PHED Department of the UL in molding the body, soul and mind of individual students of the institution over the years saying, as they prepare to leave the walls of the institution for a movement, they were proud to leave behind a mark by donating a football to the PHED Department as a memorial stone like the children of Israel after the Red Sea.

“Like the Priests in the days of Moses across the Red Sea, today, we present to you and the Department of Sports this FIFA approved Football to be used by this department and be seen as a monumental and memorial stone for our passing through as students who struggled to overcome the ‘Triple D’ of this great institution,” Mr. Farr said amid cheers and combined slogans from his colleagues.

‘Triple D’ as coined by students of the University of Liberia simply points to the difficulties students go through to enter, stay and leave and one’s ability to maintain pressure and its associated stress during their course of studies at the University of Liberia.

The presentation was done on the Fendell Campus of the University of Liberia near the Chinese Building which was chosen as the venue for the Final Examinations for the course while regular classes were conducted on the Main Campus of the institution on Capitol Hill, Central Monrovia.

Receiving the football, the instructor of the course, Mr. Ausbon O. Reeves thanked the class for the gesture saying, it was not a surprise evidenced by the level of cooperation he enjoyed with the class for the last four months.

“This is not a surprise, I knew something like this could have taken place because of what I saw during our training and exercise sessions and considering the men and women I interacted with,” Mr. Reeves told the class as he graciously received the size five giant size FIFA Football.

He used the occasion and wished the class well as they plan to complete their studies at the University of Liberia and begin a new chapter in their lives in search of better living within the job market both nationally and internationally.

Both the students and instructor were full of praises for each other as Mr. Reeves openly confessed that of the almost decade of handling the course, the class was his best he has ever encountered and hopes that even a better class will come after them.

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