MONROVIA-The United States House of Representatives in resolution 907   passed recently on Liberia Reaffirmed its commitment to support progress toward transparency, accountable institutions, and other tenets of good governance.

This, the Liberian Government through the  Ministry of Information has welcomed it by  saying they will work closely with the USA to ensure those items listed are looked at for the betterment of the country.

In the resolution, it said that the US should help lay a solid foundation for Presidential elections in 2023 as well as encourage Liberia to redouble its efforts to counter corruption, advance the causes of human rights, and implement critical economic reforms necessary to accelerate sustainable economic growth and human capital development.

Addressing a press briefing on Monday, the Minister of Information, Ledgerhood Rennie said, the Liberia Government welcomes the resolution passed by the Government of the United State.

“We want to say here that the Liberian Government welcomes the resolution. We will work on those areas mentioned,” he said.

The resolution also recalls the historical significance of Liberia’s bicentennial anniversary as the country continues to build a vibrant and inclusive democracy; and supports the continuing efforts of the Liberians.

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