Two-Month-Old Baby Raped Along With Mother

-As Alleged Perpetrator Goes to Jail

By Esau J. Farr

As ascribed to popular Nigerian actresses, indeed ‘Wonders shall never end’; and it was the case with Fahn Dehpelemeni (Not his real name) a father in his twenties when his young baby mother and their two months old daughter were rapped at the same time by a now behind bar rape suspect only identified as Junior from the Gold rich area of David Dean’s Town.

According to report gathered from the Botota Police Detachment, Junior, the rape suspect committed the act last Wednesday night in David Dean’s Town popularly known as Gold Camp in Boinsein, Kokoyah Statutory District, Bong County, Liberia.

Police sources told our reporter who just returned from Botota that Fahn, the boyfriend of the lady who was rapped along with her two months old daughter, explained to Police authorities in Botota that on the night of Wednesday May 23, 2018, while in a one bedroom with his girlfriend (babymother) their two months old daughter and a girlfriend to his babymother, a man believed to be in his twenties was successful in making his way into their room while they were all as sleep, had sexual intercourse with his two month-old baby mother and at the same penetrated the private part of the two months old babygirl with his fingers. Due to the pain the child reportedly encountered, Fahn explained that the child cried out uncontrollably forcing the child’s mother to wake up from sleep and jacked up the alleged rapist. According to Fahn, the struggle between his baby mother and the alleged rapist over sex and an attempt to escape caused him to wake up and Junior was kept hostage while community members called the police and he (Junior) was arrested and turned over to the Botota Police Details for investigation where he was processed and sent to the Magisterial Court since the issue of rape is beyond the statutory jurisdiction of Police Depot there in Botota.

The mother of the child who reportedly fell prey to the alleged rapist told Police preliminary investigation that during the alleged commission of the act, she did not know what was happening but she was waken up by the loud crying of her daughter. “Me, I did not know if someone was doing that kind of thing to me, but it was my daughter who woke me up when she was crying after the man put his finger in front of her”, the baby mother told Police investigators.

But the testimonies of the lady reportedly rapped was not seemed satisfactory to Police officers and others at the depot thus creating more questions than answers as to the real story. In continual scrutiny and cross examinations of the girl’s statement to the Police, one officer asked the lady whether since she gave birth to her baby two months ago, she and her boyfriend have been having sex. In response, the lady at the center of the discussion said no they are yet to have sex. “How come now a man will make attempt on you without any prior notice of discussion be it your husband or whoever and you will go ahead and give in or open up to that person’?  another officer alarmed. “You know, me I just thought it was my baby-pa who wanted to do something” she is quoted as saying.

Her conflicting statements to the Police left many to wonder if it was not a makeup. But as it stands, Junior and the lady will face serious questioning as the alleged rapist prepares to spend some years in jail if found guilty. Rape is a non-bailable offense punishable with seven to ten years imprisonment and or life time imprisonment if it is a statutory rape. Rape under the New Rape Laws of Liberia is defined as the forceful penetration of any opening of the body without a consent.

And statutory rape is having sex or forceful penetration of the body of anyone under age persons below twelve years and it is punishable with life time imprisonment.

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