Two GT Bank Executives Prevented From Leaving Liberia

MONROVIA-Criminal court “C” has placed a travel restriction on two of Guarantee Trust Liberia limited weeks after being handled down guilty by the Commercial Court at the Temple of Justice from stealing millions from the accounts of Charles Sirleaf, former deputy CBL governor.

Genesis Davis and Andra Dorgba George were banned  from leaving the bailiwick of the Republic of Liberia in relation to a crime of theft of property and forgery case.

The writ of NE EXEAT REPUBLICA issued against the two bank executives on January 6, 2022, was prayed for by Charles Sirleaf, son of former Liberian Female President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and ex-executive of the central bank of Liberia.

It can be recalled that the Petitioner (Sirleaf) filed before Criminal Court “C” an application that Genesis Davis Andra Dorgba George, is about to leave the country to a foreign land, without his (Sirleaf) knowledge.

Judge Ciapha Carey having been duly satisfied upon the application filed by Charles Sirleaf, order its clerk of court to issue the writ of NE EXEAT REPUBLICA against the within named defendant.   

The court further instructed its sheriff to arrest the three executives of the bank and have them brought before that honorable court upon their arrest and to have them make their formal appearance in court.

Judge Carey further instructed that the defendant be reminded in a common jail within Montserrado county and remain there until she files such bail and security, that is if the defendant cannot give a bail approved by court.

On December 21, 2021, the Commercial Court found Guaranty-Bank Liberia Limited guilty for alleged stealing of ten million Liberian dollars and US$80,000.00 from the account of Charles Sirleaf.

The commercial court through its Head Judge Eva Morgan Mappy on Tuesday, December 21, 2021 ruled that a prima fasci case was established by Charles Sirleaf legal team as such, the court held the bank liable for all withdrawal from Sirleaf’s account.

Judge Mappy further ruled mandating the bank to paid over one million united states dollars and LR$13 million dollars towards punitive and general damages.

The Commercial Court Chief Judge further instructed the bank to restitute the full amount stolen from Sirleaf account as well as portion of the above mentioned amount in damages before taking an appeal at the level of the Supreme Court of Liberia.

This case was dated as far as August 2021, when Mr. Sirleaf complained to the Liberia National Police of alleged tempering of his United States Dollars and Liberian Dollars accounts at the GT Bank, thereby resulting in the disappearance of US$850,000 and L$10M respectively.

Additionally, the SMS alert that is used by the bank to inform Mr. Sirleaf about any deposit and withdrawals from his accounts were disconnected, making it impossible for him to know about activities affecting his accounts.

The Police immediately launched a detailed criminal investigation where several persons were invited including Andrea Dorgba George, the GT Bank staff who Mr. Sirleaf entrusted to act as his account officer in terms of his banking activities with the bank.

This led to the both bank employees being charged with Misapplication of Entrusted Property, Theft of Property, Forgery, Criminal Facilitation, Criminal Conspiracy.

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