Two Arrested in connection with school shooting

MONROVIA-Following the shooting of a student at the Cyber -ED Christian School of Excellence in Monrovia,  two students have been arrested and undergoing questioning by the police,  Police  sources told this paper.

The source identified the deceased  as precious Ireland, daughter  of Dr. Philip Ireland, Physician  of the John F. K. Medical Hospital  and a survival of the  deadly Ebola virus in 2014.

“Well, from the investigation, we found a pistol  that he used to shoot this friend. Two persons are undergoing investigation now,” the police said.

Dr. Philip Ireland,  Father of Precious Ireland

The two  suspects are Jovanus Oliver Turay, 16yrs( father is a  former Movie producer who lives in the USA) and one Matthew Gonkerwon, 17yrs(class president) all of the same school.  According to sources on campus, Gonkerwon had earlier  gone to encourage the students to go to class when the incident occurred.

“As president for the place, he only went to tell the students to go to class. It is just unfortunate,” a family member to Matthew said.

Turay’s  father  told this paper  Tuesday that it was unfortunate. “This is very unfortunate. I am devastated.”






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