Trust Me with Your Presidency

As the scramble for the presidency, the nation’s highest office continues to gain momentum amongst political actors in the country, incumbent President, George M. Weah has begged Liberians to trust him once more with the presidency of Liberia.

President Weah, days following the declaration of political campaign by the national Elections Commission (NEC) began his reelection campaign as he appealed to Liberia to entrust him with another six years in office, citing his unparalleled experience and commitment to the nation’s progress.

Weah, who rose to power on the promise of change but has failed to achieve much, cited his administration’s successes in revitalizing the economy, improving infrastructure, and enhancing education and healthcare services as reasons for his reelection.

These accomplishments, he argued, make a strong case for his re-election, and affirm his credentials as a competent leader as he mocks his political rival’s promises of transformative change.

The President, in his appeal for another term, dismissed his closest political rival, former Vice President, promises of change as he questioned the Unity Party candidate proposals, suggesting that they were merely offering lofty rhetoric without concrete plans.

According to Weah, change for the sake of change is not progress as leaders need to have a clear vision and proven track record to guide our nation forward.

He claimed that Boakai, who spent twelve years in power, has nothing to offer Liberia, and cannot lead the development of the country in the 21st century.

The Executive Mansion on July 26, 2006, a few months after former President Sirleaf and Boakai assumed power, caught fire with renovation works stretching for twelve years. But Boakai has argued that he has no say in renovation and cannot be blamed.

Weah’s appeal for another term, according to his critics, is not without its share of skepticism. They point to persistent challenges in the country, including high unemployment rates and inadequate access to basic services for many Liberians.

But the President’s supporters disagreed and highlighted economic growth and claimed unprecedented developments and prioritization of inclusive policies that directly address the needs of the marginalized and vulnerable populations.

Many of Weah’s supporters believe that his initial term as President has equipped him with the necessary skills to navigate the nation through its challenges and should be given another year to finish what he has started.

However, the President’s critics argued that he has failed woefully and that a fresh perspective is needed to address the evolving needs of Liberia. To them, the upcoming election represents an opportunity for change and a departure from the status quo.

Meanwhile, Weah has informed Liberian electorates that his administration wishes to continue the development of the country and that he deserves another term so that more can be achieved.

He added that while the early part of his administration was affected by the coronavirus, he still performs well amid economic hardship inflicted by the coronavirus and will continue as such.

The President along with his team of campaigners is on a rally these few days in Montserrado County to win the minds of voters in the upcoming Presidential and Legislative Elections. The Liberian leader took his campaign in District#9 and District#10 yesterday appealing to voters to give him another six years to continue his projects.

Weah is seeking reelection after six years of service which his critics described as poor leadership marred by corruption and bad governance. Weah’s supporters, on the other hand, praised the Liberian leader for what they call the level of developmental initiatives the President has overtaken during his six years of leadership.

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