-AFELL Frowns At Traditional Wedding Instead of Civil Marriage

The President of the Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL) says the practice of Traditional Marriage before civil Marriage is creating troubles in the society.

Cllr. Vivian Neal, President of AFELL

She said although the both marriages are equal before the law, but with different components which is causing serious problems.

Attorney Vivian Neal added that allowing man to marry more than one wives based on traditional belief is worrisome.

According to her, the practice is breaking homes at an alarming rate, something she said is sad.

She at the same time calling on women not to see traditional wedding as prerequisite to civil wedding, but instead should choose one of the both.

The AFELL president noted that both marriages are expected in the country, but on the other hand one must decide to do one and leave the other, saying it puts expensive on people.

She added that there are some cases of women who say their husbands taking another wife all in the name of been married to them traditionally and can take as many wives they want.

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