Trouble sways over CPP lawmakers

By W. Tumay Watson

MONROVIA-Lawmakers of the Collaborating Political Parties  (CPP)  are to face serious political actions if they support  the establishment  of a commission  to review  the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Reports instead of  the establishment  of the war  and Economic Crime Court.

The Secretary General of Liberty Party (LP) and of the CPP, Martin Kollah said the party has resolved to institute serous penalty against any of their lawmakers who will go contrary to the mandate of the party.

Speaking on the Truth Birth fast show in Paynesville, Mr. Kollah said, the legislators are now contemplating diverting what majority of Liberians want (establishment of a war and economic crime court) to the establishment of a Commission to Review the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

He said  CPP is in full support  of  the establishment of war and economic crime court,  emphasizing  that  every lawmaker  of the Collaborating Political Party is under obligation  to adhere  to  the CPP’s mandate.

Kollah who is also the Chief of Office Staff of Montserrado County Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon  expressed serious rejection  to  the plan  by  the Legislators  to delay  in  working  to ensure that  the court  is established.

According to Mr. Kollah, it is surprising   for the CDC led Government to not be in full support of the War and Economic Crime court   that has been expressed by the people of Liberia.

The CPP Secretary General told  the media  that the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) came  to power  on the expressed will of the people  to establish  the war and economic crime court  something  that made 14 out of  the 15 counties to have voted  for the CDC  to take on state power .

Mr. Kollah furthered that President George Weah will be greatly remember in the history of Liberia if he work  to ensure  that  the war and economic crime court  is established.

He said  the CPP  Will do all with in its reach  to ensuring that the people of Liberia especially the victims  of the 14 years civil war receive justice through  the proposed war crime court of which they voted president George Weah and  the CDC  led Government.

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