Triumphant Entry Into Gbarpolu

BOPOLU–After few hours of waiting for him and his entourage  at the entry point on the bridge by senior government officials, citizens, students as well as well-wishers,  by almost 12:25, the convey of the president arrived in Bopolu.

He was met on arrival by traditional leaders, mask dangers, chiefs, elders, student groups, and other people, the president disembarked from his vehicle to the reception of the hot and scorching sun.

Upon disembarking from his well Air conditioned vehicle and his wife, the Chief Traditional leader of the county presented him with a white chicken, symbolizing pure heart for him. Later, a calabash with some rice along with cola nuts, were presented to him by the women group leader.

Seeing the huge crowd, he decided to walk for nearly five minutes under the sun.  It looked like he did not care for the sun, but decided to greet women groups, youth groups, chiefs and   senior government officers.   He moved to the site of the newly constructed 100 bedroom hospital. The hospital is being constructed by the United Arab Emirates.

While walking, dozens of children, men and women, even mask dancers took to their heals to see President George Weah.  Some well-wishers   climbed into nearby trees to get a clearer view of him.

Upon arrival at the construction site, he was taken on a guarded tour by the team leader and later he expressed happiness over the level of work done thus far.

After the inspection, the Chief Medical Officer for Gbarpolu, Musa Zuanah, said he was happy for such hospital.

“I am happy for this hospital here.  This will help this region. Right now, we have over fifty bedroom hospital here, but it cannot take care of the people in this region” the Gbarpolu Chief media Officer said who his face full with joy.

Citizens of the town said due to the level of work done by the president, they have decided to support him comes 2023.

Students appreciate Weah:

“We the students here want to say thanks to him for taking care of this country. He is doing well for Liberia and we pray for him. We want to also thank him for this place” Massa Kanneh, a fourth grade student said.

Another one, Edith Koiwood said, “Today, I am happy to see the president come here. I want to see him because this will be the first time for me to see him. I hope he can stay here with us for small time.”


In a TOWN hall meeting in BOPOLU, president Weah said the people of the city were lucky adding * we will never leave you.”

He called on residents to avoid protest saying it is expensive.

President Weah said, “Avoid protest. It will not help you.

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