Traditional Leaders Set To Benefit

By Mark Neywon Mengonfia

MONROVIA-Traditional Chief and elders from the 15 Counties of Liberia are now gathered at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Stadium as they await the arrival of the Liberian leader to make good his works to them.

President Weah during his county tour received lots of recommendations from traditional leaders about their mobility in those various counties.

Speaking to those issues raised by the traditional leaders, President Weah in his state of the Nation address on Monday, January 24,, 2022, said he was addressing the matter.

He told the gathering that the teams are intended for the traditional leaders to reach out freely in the 15 counties to their People.

President Weah said,” These items will consist of the following: One (1) Special Utility Vehicle for the use of Chief Zanzan Kawa, the head of the Traditional Council of Chiefs; Thirty (30) Pickups – two (2) for each county; One hundred and fifty (150) motorbikes – ten (10) for each county; and Fifteen (15) ambulances – one (1) each for the health services in each county.”

Currently, the teams are now at the open field before the SKD packaged per county.

The program is expected to start in a few minutes as culture dancers, traditional leaders and bystanders are in a joyous mood.

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