Trading Legal Actions Rock LP

-While Bility Says; Together, We Can Do Better.


MONROVIA-Mr. Bility responded to the Senator’s accusations in which he said the political leader has been expelled from her position as Political leader therefore, she should not be writing letters and addressing it as though she’s still in her position.  He then added that Sen. Lawrence was only continuing Cllr. Charles W. Brumskin’s tenure as political leader that will expire in October, 2022 and stated that the Liberty Party will no longer have a position called “political leader “.

Chairman Bility denied having any relationship with the head of the National Elections Commission, Cllr. Davidetta Brown Lassanah and mentioned that he has never had an interaction with her physically nor via telephone.

According to him, when Madam Brown Lassanah was taken to court after the LACC indictment, he purposely went to court to show support to her because he claims that she was accused falsely and they wanted to remove her illegally.

He announced that legal actions will be taken against Sen. Lawrence for raising funds in the name of the party and announced that he will sit with partisans of the party who made an attempt to have a peace talk, but will not compromise the rule of law just to maintain peace.

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