Tough Penalty Awaits Drug Traffickers

By R. Joycelyn Wea

Alexander Benedict Cummings, Standard-bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) has issued a strong warning to would-be drug facilitators and traffickers to cease their activities while there is still time since there will be no place for them to hide under his government.

“Today, let me put the drug traffickers and enablers on notice; we will come after you for what you are doing to our children, and to the future of our country. To those who are already addicted, help is on the way,” Cummings said recently when he delivered his Independence Day message.

He added that young people are the main target of the cruel crime and that neither school campuses nor any other public places seem to be safe or off-limits to drug dealers and those who aid them.

“Our young people are the link to the future we seek. This is why, all of us must be very concerned about the growing drug epidemic that is sweeping the nation, undermining our nation’s future, and killing our children,” Cummings added.


Criticizing the Weah administration for a limited effort to fight the drug inflow in the country, Cummings said under President Weah, drug traffickers are right to feel protected.

“The Weah-led government has done a lot of bad, corrupt, and incompetent things. But to have mismanaged the one hundred million dollar drug bust prosecution the way it did is to effectively conspire against the interests of our nation and its children.”

The CPP presidential candidate called it an unforgivable national sin and a humiliation of historic proportions when the Weah government released drug traffickers.

“They say, a curse is upon the dog that only barks after the rogue has left. Curse, also, is upon a government that will declare a so-called state of emergency on drugs after helping cocaine traffickers to freely walk away.”




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