Tough On Weah?

-As He Begs Liberians To Be Patient Amidst Economic Hardship

By Reuben Sei Waylaun

President George Weah and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) getting to realize that life in opposition for twelve years and releasing all the ‘political missiles’ through series of criticisms is different from getting the mantle of authority over what they have criticized without allegedly recommending tangible solutions.

The governing Congress for Democratic Change or Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) is on record for being the loudest opposition political party in terms of criticisms directed at the former governing Unity Party (UP) of then President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for not doing much to resuscitate the economy, improve the lives of the Liberian people, the healthcare delivery system of the country, the education, security and other basic social services during the UP’s 12 years administration in the country.

During the twelve years in opposition, the CDC raised the expectation of the Liberian people that it was the ‘political messiah’ especially when their political leader (George Weah) becomes president of the country, expectation that reportedly gave rise to the monumental victory through votes the party obtained in the legislative and presidential elections in 2017.

The campaign message for the party during the 2017 was “Hope for Change” which clearly indicates its willingness to improve the living standards of the Liberian people.

Since January 22, 2018 following his inauguration as President of the country, it is clear that the country is tough for Liberians as the foreign exchange rate, especially the United States Dollars to the Liberian Dollar now stands US$1.00 to LRD161.00, LRD162.00 and LRD163.00 among others, prices of basic commodities continue to increase hourly across the country, transportation fares continue to increase as well.

The CDC led government once alarmed over what it calls ‘broke economy’ after inauguration and continues to blame the past regime of then President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of allegedly masterminding ‘economic nightmare’ the country is facing, but pundits are saying the CDC government should be best suited to tackle the situation after repeatedly claiming while in opposition that it was fully aware of what Liberians and Liberia need.

Continue Promises:

Despite promises made during the campaign period that are yet to be fulfilled, the governing party continues to promise the Liberian people that all is not lost with just seven months into office.

The government has promised to connect all county capitals with paved roads, build a coastal highway linking the entire southeastern region that becomes isolated during the rainy season as a result of deplorable roads, change makeshift structures on major highways, build another city on Bali Island on the Ducor river, improve the health and education sectors of the country, build housing units for the people of New Kru Town and Westpoint, improve the business climate in the country among others.

Based on its dream, the government in three months signed and ratified US$962million loan agreements with Eton Private Financial Limited based in Singapore and EBOMAF groupe of the Burkinabe friend of President Weah, Mohammadu Bonkougou. However, the intent of those agreements yet to be visible.

Weah’s Appeal to Liberians to be patient:

After realizing that to govern a country like this is not what they have been thinking that caused them to raise the expectations of the Liberian people above the bars, President Weah has now realized that it is not easy as previously thought.

However, amidst the rising infliction and downing economic trend his government is currently experiencing, the Liberian President has done the honorable thing by appealing to the Liberian people be ‘calm’ as his administration strives to make good on its promises to the people.

At a well-attended dedication ceremony of the King Gray Market situated in the ELWA Community, Paynesville, outside Monrovia, President Weah, widely regarded as the ‘Populace President’ home and abroad humbly appealed for patient from the Liberian people.

“I ask you to be patient. We told you we will build the roads, and we are committed to that. We told you that we will build markets to improve our people’s livelihoods, and we are committed to that. I want to reemphasize here that we’ll not let you down. We’ll deliver on every project that we promised to carry on in this country,”

The Liberian leader also called for unity among fellow compatriots amidst heightened economic tension coupled with skyrocketing infliction in the country, a situation which has led to continued hike in basic commodities on the local market.

The Liberian chief executive also asserted that based on his administration’s performance in the first six years term, “We will come back to you to ask for another six years after you shall have evaluated our performance. We are committed to transforming the lives of Liberians. We all need to work together to make our country a better place. It doesn’t matter what you do, people we’ll still criticize you anyway. However, we want to assure you that government is to under obligation to better the lives of all Liberians.”

“My administration is the first that has brought good governance in this country hence, we’ll not let you down. We’ll ensure that we implement everything that we promised you.”

The veteran world soccer player turned President also called for Liberians to protect their motherland and promote ways that would see its rapid development.

“Let’s ensure that we protect this country,” President Weah advised. Warning: “Going into the streets just because you want to express your grievances will not help us. Protest in the streets is not the solution. I am available anytime of your calling. The time for revolution is over. Now is the time for us to unite and rebuild our country,” he appealed.

Presidential Press Secretary’s Commentary, A contradiction to the President’s Appeal:

As the Liberian leader begged for time to adjust himself to the demand of the Liberian people in bettering their lives, it seems as a shock contradiction to Press Secretary, Sam Mannah when he responded to defeated Presidential candidate, Alexander Cummings that the Liberian leader doesn’t need strategy to rule because he has lived with the people for more than ten years and he knows the plights of the Liberian people.

Mannah was responding to Cummings when he alleged that President Weah doesn’t seem to have a strategy to govern the country.

“I like to remind him that delivering for the people you have lived with and known for the past five decades doesn’t require a strategy, but provision of their basic needs and wants. This is something our President has been doing, unlike Mr. Cummings who will need a strategy because he doesn’t understand the plight of the Liberian people, owing to his protracted absence from the Country, and as such lacks proper understanding of the issues confronting the average Liberian.

“It’s bemusing that with all the strategies Mr. Cummings put forth during the just ended elections, he was massively rejected by the Liberian people and his party was not able to win a single legislative seat. Gone are the days when we will have people use Liberia as a retirement farm. Lest he is unaware, Liberians need true patriots, not tourists,” Mannah Asserts.

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