Topic: What the Government should do to improve the economic situation?

Point with Darlinston A. Mensah

“The Gov’t of Liberia must improve the economy and experience real economic growth, it has to be  vibrantly practiced. I gherefore recommend  the following:  Invest within the land or the soil.


“Land is one of the key factors of economic growth; to be specific, let me say a factor of production, it is a If natural resources that the Government of the country has control and influence over. They can claim or purchase any acre of land they desire to help improve the economy. In this view, the government  of Liberia is disposed to many vacant and fertile lands within the rural settings that they can use to grow more food and crops that can be of great essence to the economy that is, using the products both internally and externally.

The products can be used internally by the citizens and foreigners residing within the country, which can help the government  raise some funds.

Also, the GOL can export some of those products by generating more funds.  If this is done, the agriculture sector of the country will flourish and the economy will get much better.

The government of Liberia also needs to invest into human and physical capital if the economy must be improved. Human capital refers to those who do labor. When countries invest into its human capital, they provide education, training and oversight to those who do the labor.

When the government  does this, the country Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increases because it develops   more smarter and productive workforce, which leads to economic growth. Human capita relates with literacy rate, standard of living, level of employment, life expectancy, GDP per capital, etc. All of these will in return improve the economy of the country drastically. Also, the government  of Liberia must invest in its physical capital as well, if the economy must be improved. Physical capital refers also  to the factories, machineries and technology used to produce goods and services. Liberia like any other underdeveloped nation can rise to the top with an improved economy if the GOL  to ensure that land, human and physical capital is well invested into.”

Yanks A.K Smythe, Jr.,Stella Maris Polytechnic University Monrovia, Liberia

“The Liberian economy has a depreciating status right now. From the delays of salaries to the high inflation and mass increase in the US rate; these things serve as constraints.

The Liberian government can improve on the economy by boosting some sector. Liberia’s soil is very rich in humus and organic matter, making it easier for locally commercialized crops to grow. Whilst involving in farming activities jobs can be created for farmers, agriculturist, herders, pesticide scientist, etc. These farming activities bring capital and more jobs which will help boost the economy.

Another factor which may lead to an improved economy is a revitalized maritime and aqua-culture agency. These are key aspects that the government should take into consideration. Making sure that there’s a strong maritime and aqua-culture system to stir the affair of Liberia’s cross country relationships and beach regulation as well as fishing activities. This includes proper beaches, growing of fish for commercial use, tourism opportunities and good relationship with other countries sea wise, etc. Which I think can help the Liberian economy grow”

Abrahim D. Nyie
Stella Maris Polytechnic University
Monrovia, Liberia

“Over the past years, I have seen that our economy is not growing. We have to see what is happening in our country, it’s not about reducing years, it’s about how we improve our economy, and see our country moving from one stage to another. Liberia is the oldest country in West Africa, there is no improvement and implementation and we are not using the strategic plans to see our country elevating.

I would like to recommend that the government improves the educational sector. Next is Agriculture, because it boost a lot in the world. Last is the Health sector.

And lastly, President Weah needs to engage into something that young Liberians have passion for and create jobs opportunities.”





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