“To Reduce Poverty ‘.Agriculture Is the Way Dr. Mosoka Fallah Asserted

BY: Washington Tumay Watsononewash9@gamil.com

 MONROVIA-The Former Director General of the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) Dr. Mosoka Fallah   has disclosed that agriculture is the way to reduce poverty in Liberia.

According  to him,  once a nation  begins  to feed itself,  it is on its way  to development;  something  that Liberians  need  to take serious  interest in.

He said his desire   to engage   into cultivation is to help develop the country and create job opportunities for more Liberians and improve help to improve  food security.

The former NPHIL Boss disclosed that he has a farm in TOTOTA, lower Bong County where he is planting different kinds of crops.

He told the media that his vision is to export    agriculture products from his farm as a means of boosting the country’s economy.

Dr. Fallah further said he is building a clinic within the town where his farm is located in lower Bong County for the community residents and the staff of his farm including the nearby towns and villages dwellers.

He disclosed  that  the clinic will be dedicated 2022  for  the people within that community  to they  can  have access  to medical facility.

The Medical Doctor turns agriculturist further indicated that his team will provide safe drinking water for the community as part of  their corporate social responsibility.

He further said the community residents have realized that  with farm in their township, their lives are going to improve with the provision with hand pump and clinic and a school that they will shortly benefit from.

He said with such intervention to improve the livelihood of the people,  they will take such farming project as their own and provide security for the farm.

Dr. Fallah said staff on his farm will shortly engage in the harvesting of the lowland rice and the planting of coco.

Dr. Fallah also urged Government officials and other Liberians who have the capital to invest into agriculture if the country is to graduate from poverty and transfer to development.

According to him, such will reduce the unemployment rate   in the country because each of the farms that those Government officials and other Liberians will create jobs for many Liberians.

He called on the Government to invest into the Agriculture Research institutions across the country that will train agriculture extension officers.

Dr. Fallah also urged the government to make available loan for farmers so that they can have access to storage and energy including roads  among others.

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