“To Make Peace is Better”….Says GC Commissioner Designate

By Mark N. Mengonfia mmenginfia@gmail.com

Liberia’s Governance Commission Commissioner designate, D. Karn Carlor says Liberia will be peaceful when citizens start to respect each other and putting the right things into place.

Speaking Friday when he appeared before senate committee for his confirmation hearing, nominee Carlor said, “To make peace is better.”

In a written talking point presented to the Committee, the nominee said the acts of retribution after the 1980 coup contributed immensely to the subsequent Liberian civil war of 14 years.

He added that these are very hard lessons Liberians must be learned from the conflict.

According to him, from 2007 to 2021, “We have learned that peace making after all is complex, but better.”

According to him, it looks like Liberians are on each other’s throats, thus leading to confusion, something he said is not good for any country.

He indicated that Liberians have to calm down, respect each other, and advise each other improving the Country.

He said, “The new vision is to respect each other.”

He furthered, “If you have gone through the war, you will know that to make peace is better.”

As a social worker who has worked in the field of sociology for many years, the nominee said Liberians are having difficulties in listening and have forgotten the past.

He said, “People need to be at peace with each other.”

When  asked about policy he wants to be taken when confirmed, he said, “If we want to have peace here, then we have to elect people on a clear, good platform.”

He additionally said, “The confusion in our country rest on the electoral system as well. Built the electoral system, if you do not build the electoral system so that when I drop my vote, I know it will be counted and if I have doubt, the votes will be contrary there where the confusion is.”

He said the electoral system is not well structure and needs total structuring to ensure that Liberians peace is kept. 

He requested for government institutions to work together for an effective force which he said will help build the integrity of institutions in Liberia.

He told the committee that when they give him the go ahead to head that institution, he is going to request for the last three years audit reports and see what has been done with those reports over the years.

He went on to say, “You cannot audit and nothing happens and you go back and nothing happens again and we go back to audit.”

He said as audits are conducted, it is important for actions to be taken and write the wrong the audit reviled.

He additionally said it is important to ensure that the right things are done at institutions of the Country.

According to him, his efforts at the institution when confirm will be rooted at bringing Liberians together.

In closing Friday’s confirmation hearing, the Chairperson of the committee, Bong County Senator, Dr. Henrique Togbah said, “I do hope when you ascend to this position, you will protect the code values of the institution. The letter you read places a lot of values on you.”

Additionally, Dr. Togbah said they as a committee have played their part and it is now left with the plenary that clothed with the responsibility to do the needful and communicate with his employer, President George Weah.

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