Time for Real Change

Alexander Cummings Asserted

BY: Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9@gmail.com

MONROVIA-The Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) Alexander Cummings wants Liberians to cultivate a new beginning   of real political change for the transformation of the country.

Mr. Cummings  said  it  is only  the Collaborating Political Parties  of which  he  is a part ,  is  that political institution  that  has  the pedigree  to bring  such a real  change  from  the hands of   the Coalition for Democratic Change .

Addressing a press conference Monday  at  the  Party’s headquarters   in Monrovia, Mr. Cummings  indicated  that because of  the real change to achieve its objective  for  the Liberian people , it will first begin with  him  and those of  the ANC , the CPP,  traditional leaders and  government officials.

Cummings told Liberians that he will ensure that   the CPP stands for that real change that the country is lacking.

The ANC Boss reaffirmed   his commitment  to  the CPP Primary process   with no intention  of quitting  contrary  to  public speculations  that  he is on his way out of the CPP  due to his recent walk out of  the CPP Executive meeting.

He said  his decision  is  part of  building  the system  of real change  by upholding   the rules  of which  he  cannot compromise.

The ANC political Leader however   said Liberia  is in a bad place   that  the Citizens  are feeling every day  and everyone  in  the country; according  to him ,  the president does not know  what  he  is doing , stressing  that most of those he appointed  in Government  like him also do not know what  they are doing  noting  that  they are managing   the country economy very poorly.

Under president Weah leadership, every day is allege corruption by Government officials while the people cannot find jobs stressing that the harmonized   of civil servant cannot event paid the cast of their transportation, or paid their children school fees among   others.

The living condition of Liberians  under  the CDC Led Government  is unbearable according  to Mr.  Cummings  the people  are suffering  and  the Government needs  to create jobs , and grow  the country economy, including  the fe4xing  of the various schools  and hospitals  and desist  from  the act of as well as upholding  the laws  and hold each other accountable

He said those are the issues that political leaders should be seriously talking about because it seriously affect Liberians are stake in 2023.

The reflection of  the CPP for a good democratic tended  upholding   the rules  should be  the center stage  of  the CPP according  to  the ANC Political leader it is not sufficient  they to only  criticize  the  government  but  they within  the CPP should continue  to demonstrate that  the CPP is   the better alternative by holding  themselves  to a higher stander through democratic leadership and accountability .

He wants   the CPP leadership to ensure that the wrong   of the CPP Frame work agreement is corrected before a legal action is done, emphasizing that a wrong is wrong no matter who commits it, including himself.

He further said recognizing  and correcting the wrong  do not show  a weakness stressing  that it  is an attribute  of good leadership  and such  act  is also honorable .

The ANC Boss however said dumping down on  the  wrong  is a product  of undemocratic leadership noting  that  were  there  is a system  of not correcting  their collective mistakes  and  they produce wrongly  in a clearly violation of  their laws  he will not be a part of such among others.

He said the CPP has an obligation for the Liberian People as an alternative  something  that  they as CPP need  to do things differently.



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