TIKA Assures Liberia Of Major Interventions In Health, Education Others

MONROVIA-Proffering Liberia’s Agenda with almost priority in line with the Government of Liberia’s Development platform, the Pro Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD) to the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) was Foreign Minister Dee Maxwell Saah Kemayah Sr. who outlined key sectors of urgent assistance to Liberia, namely: Health, Education, Youth and Women empowerment among others.

Minister Kemayah recalled the significant milestone reached so far in the bilateral cooperation since the inception of diplomatic relations with Turkey in 1992.

In his brilliant, retentive and extemporaneous style  of presentation to his international counterparts at a one day meeting held on Friday December 17, 2021, Minister Kemayah urged TIKA to see the need to make comprehensive interventions in Liberia’s Health and Agriculture sectors which are among the focus of the PAPD.

In Health as part of a short term plan, he recommended the availability of mobile clinics across the fifteen Counties of Liberia while under long the term plan, the construction of modern hospitals including health care facilities to meet all  international standards.

Additionally, he requested support for a campaign he termed as ” Two Masks to One Person including mini sanitizers in a package form in order to fight the pandemic but was also quick to appeal to the Turkish development cooperation

to help in construction of centers for the subsequent production of the two key protective materials.

Additionally, Ambassador Kemayah stressed the need for the Turkish Development Agency to build the capacity of Liberian health care workers in specialized areas for a win, win situation and cooperation  for the both Countries.

Under Education, he emphasized the importance of increasing Turkish scholarships to Liberia with the aim of further preparing the eager, potential and capable youthful population of Liberia  including young women and girls for future tasks ahead.

Additionally, he pointed out the key imperative for the establishment of Technical vocational institutions in Liberia to help prepare future leaders of Liberia for the job market including the competitive global environment.

The Liberian Diplomat also recounted, recognized and commended the Turkish Government for its continuous assistance to Liberia in the areas of Health, Education, Transportation but was quick to appeal for more assistances in the interest of the government with specific focus on transforming the lives of  the people of Liberia.

As a means of rolling out the respective programs and projects,  Minister Kemayah disclosed and proposed two modules as well as channels including platforms  for the implementations to include the Turkey, Liberia Investment Council and forum to look at modalities for  the exchange of investment opportunities between both Countries and  in the interest of economic growth for the people.

Also Minister Kemayah proposed the setting up the joint technical economic commission between the two Countries with relevant actors of the both Countries in a drive to explore avenues and opportunities for the common good of the citizens.

At the meeting, Minister Kemayah was accompanied by  the Minister of Health of Liberia, Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah who added her voice to that of Minister Kemayah to request in specific health areas  to support in genetic sequencing and primary health care among others.

She also highlighted critical health care nationally, patients with cancer and other tertiary health care concerns as areas in Liberia’s health sector that needs intervention,  Perhaps,  in the context of public, private partnership (PPP)

In response, the Head of TIKA at the meeting Baskani Serkan Kayalar, assured the Liberian Delegation of the fullest support of his Organization.

He also informed the Liberian Delegation that  TIKA will collaborate with the Government to establish centers in Liberia to produce masks in support to the fight against the deadly pandemic COVID-19.

He promised that TIKA  stands  in readiness to partner with  Liberia in it’s National developmental initiatives.

In a move to maximized such opportunity and as a practical and result oriented character like  Liberia’s Foreign Minister Dee Maxwell Saah Kemayah Sr., he without delay  Designated Assistant Minister for European Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  of Liberia Edwin Juah  to lead initial efforts  in working with his counterparts and other technical team members from the two Countries  to begin the process.

Meanwhile, the meeting considered rewarding by the Liberian delegation is expected to begin bearing its gradual  fruits in 2022 with the setting up of technical meetings, consultations and discussions as well as site visitations from relevant stakeholders from individuals and technicians of both Countries

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