Three Police Offers sent to Jail

MONROVIA-The Liberia National Police has forwarded three of its officers to the Monrovia City Court for prosecution in connection with the killing of a truck driver alone the Garnerville, Japan High Way in Montserrado County.
Alexander Seakor, Co-Defendant Samuel Borbor And Thomas Sackor were arrested, investigated and charged with the commission of criminal facilitation and criminal negligent homicide, in violation of chapter 10.2, and chapter 14.3 of the revised penal law Liberia predicated upon a complaint filed by Sekou Kromah.

This comes weeks after relatives, advocates, friends, family members of the later, conductor Alieu Sherrif staged a peaceful protest demanding the remains of the victims and prosecution of the alleged perpetrators.

Police investigation uncovers that the complaint of police misconduct reported by Sekou Kromah, a resident of chocolate city community, Garnerville, operator of a vehicle bearing plate No. C-42051 allegedly meted against his conductor, late Alieu Sherriff in which he was beaten and dragged out of NTA compound. where their vehicle was impounded for its defectiveness, was investigated, but the culpability that led to the death of the late Alieu Sheriff was not established by PSD investigation.

Though police investigation acknowledged that Alieu Sheriff was beaten, kicked, dragged and put out of the NTA compound by the three officers which was confirmed by two of the eye witnesses, PSD investigation interviewed and obtained statements from but the Montserrado county report dated July 31, 2021 found no foul play on grounds that all body parts of the deceased were intact, that is, there was no bruises, laceration, abrasion or wound on the deceased body.

It can be recalled that while the ministry of transport and The Liberian National Police were carrying out joint inspection at the entrance of the National Transit Authority (NTA) located Garnerville, Japan high way, several vehicles including victim Alieu Sheriff vehicle the deceased, was assigned on as a conductor was parked by defendant Alexander Saakor and co-defendant Samuel Borbor for not been road worthy.

Information gathered that, hour later other vehicles were released when the victim took his phone to give it to officer Thomas Sackor to spoke with someone on the phone, he refused which prompted the victim to anger and he started to disturb; that no other vehicle will leave the fence until his vehicle is released.

Due to the victim continued disturbance, defendants Samuel Borbor and Alexander Seakor held him by his trouser and forcibly placed him out of the fence and locked the gate; something that led to Sheriff’s subsequent death.
Meanwhile, the three police officers have been detained at the Monrovia Central Prison (South Beach) pending criminal trial.

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