Three officials expelled from MDR

MONROVIA-Three government officials have been expelled from the party that recommended them in the Coalition for Democratic Change-CDC government. A statement from the Movement for Democracy & Reconstruction (MDR) said Tuesday.

Those expelled are Mr. Wilfred N.J.S. Bangura, Deputy Minister for Administration Commerce (previously served as National Vice Chairman for Governmental Affairs MDR), Mr.   Melvin L. Yealu,(Assistant minister, Post and Telecommunication) (previously served as Secretary General MDR )and Hon. Gonpu Kargon, Representative District # 4, Nimba County,” the statement said.

“The National Executive Committee of the Movement for Democracy & Reconstruction (MDR) through its Chairman appointed a Board of Inquiry to hear allegations of Constitutional Violations by Senior partisans Wilfred N.J.S. Bangura, National Vice Chairman for Governmental Affairs MDR,  Melvin L. Yealu, Secretary General MDR and Hon. Gonpu Kargon, Representative District # 4, Nimba County,” the statement said.

It further added: “The Board of Inquiry accorded each of the accused partisans due process of law as required by MDR Constitution. The investigation established that Article 14 (a) of MDR constitution was violated by partisans Wilfred NJS Bangurah, Vice Chairman for Inter-Governmental Affair of MDR; Partisan Melvin Yealu, Secretary General MDR and Hon. Gonpu Kargon, Representative, District #4, Nimba County.

Article 14 (a) of MDR Constitution says “No registered member of this party shall owe loyalty to another party or cause another member to pledge allegiance to another party. If any member of this party be found in supporting any party in any form or cause another partisan to pledge support to another party shall constitute a violation and punishable as may be required by law”.

Gonpu Kargon

The statement further said, Partisan Wilfred Bangura in his January 23, 2023 press conference which was reported on ELBC and Published in the January 24, 2023 edition of FrontPage Africa News Paper, said: “ I stand with the president to ensure his re-election as president of Liberia and I will do everything legally, morally and politically possible to ensure that president Weah is re-elected with a decisive mandate”.

Also, The investigation gathered evidence of Partisan Melvin Yealue support to president weah’s re-election bid. In fact, Melvin Yealu is the current Secretary General for the so call NIMBA FOR WEAH MOVEMENT which is against the interest of MDR in the ensuing elections.

Partisan Bangura and Partisan Yealu were seen wearing CDC Paraphernalia on February 4, 2023 as supporters of the president who have gathered to endorse his re-election bid.

The investigation established that Hon. Gonpu Kargon is canvassing the people of District# 4, Nimba County in support of the CDC candidate’s presidential bid against the interest of MDR in the ensuing election.

At the May 13, 2023 meeting convened by the Chairman of the Governing Council of MDR, in Ganta City, Representative Gonpu Kargon assured Senator Prince Johnson and the elders present that he supports the CDC Presidential Candidate against the interest of MDR.

Additionally, Partisans Banguara, Yealu, and Kargon’s actions violated the following articles of the MDR Constitution as well.

Article 12 e. Unauthorized commitment of the party to any deal; Article 12 a and b. Misrepresentation of the party image

According to the statement,  Article 12 of MDR constitution says elected officers of MDR shall be expelled or impeached for the above-cited violation.

It further said, “On this note, the Inquiry Committee recommended that the membership of Partisans Wilfred Bangura, National Vice Chairman for Government Affairs, Melvin Yealu, National Secretary General, and Hon. Gonpu Kargon be expelled from MDR.

Now, therefore, the national executive committee of MDR unanimously voted in favor of the expulsion of Partisan Bangura, partisan Yealu, and Partisn Kargon as members of MDR.

Anyone making business with these individuals in the name of MDR will be doing so to their disadvantage.”

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