Three bullets were fired—eye witness said after EPS officer death

TAPPITA- An Eye witness in Tappita,  Nimba county told New Republic Monday that one of the bullets which allegedly  led to the death of the EPS officer penetrated into  a local restaurant wall.

That they head three bullets before his body was discovered early morning.

One eyewitness said: “I head three gun sounds in the morning near the  Cook shop.  When I heard it, I was afraid to wake up. I just lied  down on the bed,”

It can be recalled that last week, a presidential guard-Executive Protective Service(EPS) travelling with the president on a nationwide tour died  from a gunshot  which the office said was suicidal. The EPS  said it has launched an investigation into the incident but failed to say when its report would be released.

Officer, Melvin  Earley  body was seen early Friday morning in Tappita.

The eyewitness who refused to be identified said: “I heard people saying don’t  shoot him. Don’t shoot. Leave him. Then I heard the three gun sound. The  other bullet  passed into my wall.”

The incident took place directly opposite the Jackson F.  Doe memorial hospital in the. Early hours of  February 18, 2021

Officer Early has been with the EPS for a considerable period  of time. The EPS in a statement issued last week after the incident said it has launched an investigation into the  incident. It  has meanwhile expressed regret to his family.

President George Weah is currently  on a nationwide tour. He is  in the South East.

When called the presidential press Secretary for comment

When  the  Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, Smith Toby was asked  if three bullets went into Melvin, he said;  “no.  All   the bullets did not go into him. He fired   one in the air and decided to run  after they have taken the long range gun from him.”

“He fired one in his abdomen  and  later he fired  his head. So, if there is a bullet mark(as you said) on a building, then, that might be the one he fired while they were running after him.  All three bullets did not go into him,” he said.

“The incident occurred  very early in the morning around 4:AM. No one was really out at that time to say they saw what happened,” he said.


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