“The Law is what The Judiciary Says It Is”

MONROVIA-At the fourth judiciary Conference, President George, has described the Law as, “what the Judiciary says it is.”

Making remarks at the Judiciary Conference, President Weah said the Judiciary sits at the center of the Liberian society and it is clothed with the responsibility to interpret what are written in the book.

“So the law is not what is written in our Constitution nor what is written in different pieces of legislation; the law is what the learned judges and justices assembled here today say it is at any given point in time” president Weah said.

He furthered that, “The law is what the Judiciary says it is, through its court system that goes all the way to our venerable Supreme Court, which ultimately has the final say.”

According to him when one reads the Constitution and read different statutes, that person is reading plain language written by national stakeholders, policymakers or legislators. “When we read the opinion and judgements of judges and Justices, we read the law” he intoned.





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