The Battle Line Is Drawn …Charlyne Takes On Nyonblee

The internal wrangling within the Liberty Party (LP) is far from being over as Charlyne Brumskine, daughter of Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine-Founder of the LP is picking bones with Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence.

Charlyne Brumskine, Vice Standard-bearer of the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) has sent a strong caveat to expelled Liberty Party Political Leader Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence cautioning her to stop attacking CPP National Chairman, Musa Hassan Bility and come after herself instead.

“I will ask Senator Nyonblee not to accuse Bility anymore. Let her accuse me. Leave Bility. I am using the emblem. I am the Vice Standard-bearer on the Liberty Party/ANC ticket. Let them leave Musa. Let them come after me in the open. It’s been happening behind closed -doors,” Cllr. Brumskine said when she appeared on the Tuesday, July 18, 2023 edition of OK FM’s Conversation Presentation.

Continuing her reaction to what she sees as a calculated attempt by a handful of individuals to damage the Liberty Party, Cllr. Brumskine said she fully supports Mr. Bility’s action to expel Senator Lawrence and others.

“Yes, I approve the letters of expulsion and revocation of their memberships 100%. Let me tell you why. Every person has the right and the freedom guaranteed by our Constitution to associate. Your membership to a political institution is not a constitutional guarantee. It is a contractual arrangement. You come to the Liberty Party because you believe in the ideology of the party; and you have an obligation to support the institution if you choose to be a member. Nobody can force anybody to be with any institution. It’s a voluntary institution. But a private entity, a political party, also has an absolute fundamental right to distance itself from people who have intentionally tried to tear apart or destroy the party, its ticket, its ideology, its institution.

“This is not personal. I don’t have any of the members who want to go and support Uncle Joe. That’s your right. But you will not kill the Liberty Party in your quest, whatever it is. Your quest may be for personal aggrandizement; it may be because you believe in the Unity Party ideology, that’s your right. But you will not call yourself a leader in the Liberty Party, and then you’re hurting the Liberty Party ticket.

“I am a founding member of the Liberty Party. Before they were, I was there. I was a young girl, but we were the ones making the effort. When my father was in exile, we were the ones contributing to the Liberty Party. Some of them are saying she’s just coming – 2011, 2017. It is bogus.

“You have every right to support whoever you want, but certainly not at the detriment of the Liberty Party. Some people are actually raising money in the name of the Liberty Party to give to the Unity Party.

“Some of the core leaders came to the office yesterday, and they said that thing broke them down. Can you imagine you have sweat for Brumskine, you have sweat for some of these Senators, for Representatives; then people are raising money in the name of Liberty Party and they’re giving it to Unity Party coordinators, giving it to Unity Party Standard-bearer – the audacity!

“Everyone has the right, but don’t do it at the detriment of the political institution.

“How long will we continue to kill this one Liberty Party? You are not in the Liberty Party. You are campaigning for the Unity Party. You are campaigning for Joe Boakai. It is okay, it is your right. Can you imagine if this thing had happened in CDC or Unity Party? Imagine Amos Tweh decided today he’s going to support the CPP or CDC; everyone would be up in his arms because it is madness.

“Imagine if the former UP Chairman, Amin Modad decided to go on a campaign for CDC, it would destroy the institution. The reasons we have the problems today, as a young person, I have talked about the problems with political institutions, and how we need to have political institutions that are built around ideology and not individuals.

“Look at the United States of America. For me, my ideology resonates more with Democrats than with Republicans. However, the Republicans have a very sound policy. When you’re going to the Republican Party, you are fully aware and in agreement with the idea of small government, of individual responsibility. The Democratic institution as you know tends to believe in helping the poor, let’s help people, let’s increase the tax base. Their ideologies are clear. And because they have strong institutions and strong systems, that’s why when Donald Trump did what he did, which I disapprove of, trying to overturn the elections, the systems that existed in the US were able to prevent what was going to be a war, a coup and the beginning of the decline of the US.

“We are sitting here in Liberia, and an institution that my father started is being destroyed daily. And it will affect the Liberian people. We need to build strong institutions for our country, our democracy, for nation building; and we are sitting here and seeing someone destroying the institution,” Charlyne Brumskine said emphatically.

Cllr. Brumskine’s statement comes in the wake of Senator Lawrence’s reaction to LP Chairman Bility’s expulsion and revocation of the membership of six LP stalwarts including herself; which Senator Lawrence condemned and seemingly revoked in a press statement she issued yesterday Tuesday.


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