YES, THINGS MAY not be that blushing and cozy for Liberia and its people – there are heightening socio-economic constraints, existing impediments facing the health sector exacerbated by the plague of Covid-19, nation squeezed in tight corner politically, glaring potential state of imbalance – yet there are encouraging sustained and unbending efforts toward changing the development paradigm. Of course, these significantly and sufficiently ongoing efforts shed clear light on the direction the nation is headed, that after all, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

AMIDST THESE TOXICALLY irritating conditions, ongoing developments are unquestionably symptomatic of the proverbial saying “Even when the war is killing us, we have to keep on fighting to the end.” Notwithstanding economic and political wars that are raging, the desire to keep fighting on the part of the Government is glaring. This equal show of strength, real demonstration of commitment, and enduring resistance against all odds are geared toward keeping the national development compass steady so that it not easily wrecked or retrogressed as others may be wishing. By these efforts, the government is assuring and reassuring citizens that progress is possible in the midst of the storm

IT IS THIS adopted forward-moving mentality that has got Monrovia looking plushy now a day, with darkness now giving way to light along some of the busiest corridors, such as the Tubman Boulevard, where the government, with a very tight revenue envelope, is erecting streets light as part of efforts to light up the city again so that children have the time to study under lights as it was in time past.

FOR OTHERS WHO are so bitter and toxically inclined and/or obsessed with the antics of politics, it is infinitesimal of the many things needed to reshape a country as old as Liberia, and considering what is obtaining in neighboring countries that are so young. But the takeaway is the fact that the current President, George Manneh Weah, is determined to march words with action as the case is since his ascendancy about three years, in spite of the present poor financial and economic conditions.

AS OF THE later part of last year, under the strict directive and watch of President Weah, the first street lights were switched on between ELWA junction and the SKD Boulevard, as a precursor to an initiative to light up the entire Monrovia and its environs, so that people gain confidence once more to walk around at night, so that criminality on the streets of Monrovia is minimized and so that street peddlers can ply their wares as long they can at night.

NO MATTER HOW small it be seen by others for obvious or political reasons, we think it is a significant step towards the desire to make our cities much more attractive and appreciable as we do for cities in other parts of Africa. The way to welcome such development is to thank the President and the government for thinking and acting so positive. To thank the President and the Government, we are taking cue from God’s directive to mankind: “In all things say thanks, whether good or bad, whether small or big.”  In similar manner, God warns that he can’t grant us bigger things when we fail to acknowledge the little he has done.

LET THIS CLAIM the attention of Liberians to show appreciation to leaders when they show determination and concern to ameliorate things that are improvable or seem un-improvable. It is also our unfathomable conviction that the government will get much more inspired to undertake greater development programs. Yes, bit by bit we will get there. Thank you Mr. President for lighting up our streets again, thus taking us back to the antebellum days of our existence. We are humble.

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