Terrible Lofa Road

journalists describe condition


By: Washington Tumay Watson

VOINJAMA-Road connectivity   is seriously  becoming  the major  challenge confronting  the people  of Lofa County,  one  of  Liberia’s key  producers   of  food .

Recently,  during  president George Weah’s  County Tour  to Lofa ,  the Ministry of Public Works  and   its  contractors   did major  intervention  that made    the  road accessible  for both  the president  and other road users at  the time.

During the President’s Interaction with the citizens, in Lofa, he assured them that they will benefit from  the Government’s road pavement transformation.

President Weah’s statement  during his interaction with the citizens of Lofa and  their leaders, stimulated the People of Lofa hope.

Because of the deplorable road condition during the rainy  season, it also affected the county’s stand in sustaining Liberia’s economic developmental drive through agriculture.

Acting Public Works Minister, Ruth Coker-Collins, told the Citizens  of Lofa county on   state radio in Monrovia recently    following  president Weah’s   declaration  regarding   the  paving of    Bong to Lofa  road, emphasizing  that  the Government  through  the Ministry of Public Works  was going  to ensure  that there are interventions by  the contractors with  the objective  of keeping  the road assessable.

But contrary  to   Minister Coker-Collins   public assertion, it was seen during  visitation  of  the Press Union of Liberia to Lofa, it was seen that  the  route  to Voinjama City,  experienced serious challenges.

The Liberian media professionals have to dig the mud   to create bush road path for their buses to commute  from Zorzor to Voinjama City.

Due  to  the insensitive  of the  deplorable road  conduction,  the journalists have  to sleep  in  open  areas. The bad road condition and the sleeping in the open on the road attributed to   some of PUL  members to contract sickness, especially female.

The citizens  and commuters inclusive  of drivers , journalists , business people among others told  the media  that  there  is a need  for  government’s  quick   intervention in making  the Lofa  road  assessable  and do away  with politics .At  the same time,   several residents of Voinjama city  expressed the hope that with the coming of the team of journalists through the PUL, they were of the  conviction that the media  will  unearth  those  constrains  facing    them, mostly   the lack of road  for  the government   to make impactful  intervention.

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